11 Situations where music has always been our companion!


Music is a part and parcel of our lives now. There are hardly any occasions on which there is no music playing. From the commute to work and back to the big fat wedding, in the temples to the bars, you set foot anywhere and you get to hear some or the other melody. They call music our savior, and rightfully so. It has and still continues to be our ally in every walk of our life.

Here are 11 situations where music has always been our companion:

1. Party on my mind! 


Finally the weekend is here. Time to cut yourself some slack. Thinking of just kicking back and having a fun night out with friends partying? Not possible without some rocking music you can dance all night to now, is it? Put on your dance shoes and bust out some new moves because the night is young and the   music won’t stop!



Weddings equals music dhamaka! Starting from the sappy romantic tunes to the crazy upbeat groves, each and every ritual that takes place in a typical marriage ceremony has a background music playing. Be it the Sangeet or reception in the big fat Indian weddings or the bridal entry in the western culture, a wedding is incomplete without music.

3. Spending a romantic evening with your partner.


Planning to spend some quality time with your partner? What is better than a quiet evening with a home cooked meal (a takeout if you are anything like me), a candlelit table for the two of you, some flowers and a slow romantic melody playing in the background? You could even slow dance to one of them just to take it up a notch.

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4. It’s an ever present travel companion.

Woman sitting in bus listening to music.
Woman sitting in bus listening to music.

Be it commuting from home to work and back, a weekend trip or even a long journey back home, music is the one thing that will always keep you company, if you have power backup for your phone or the mp3 that is. It makes the journey seem less longer than we would feel it was if we had nothing to occupy our time and attention.

5. When you want some quality time alone.


Who wouldn’t want to have some ‘me time’? A relaxing holiday where you curl up in your bed with a book and a mug of hot chocolate. Seems about good. But a background of your favorite songs playing would make it better, don’t you think?

6. When you are upset.


Had a rough day at work or school? A fight with a friend or your partner? Upset about the pet you lost the other week? Missing home? Any situation where you feel like you are down in the dumps, turn to music. It will hold you in it’s arms and comfort you in the times of your dire need of a friend.

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7. Study time.

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Research has shown that having a light music playing in the background while you study helps you focus better and retain more of what you have studied longer. Some people like me need a background noise to concentrate better. Who else do we turn to but music to fill that role?

8. While on wait.


You and your friend who just got back to town for a summer or spring break decided to meet up in a mall for a catch up session, but now he/she is running late or your flight has been delayed or in any such situation, instead of just sitting there and gazing around looking like a loner, you can plug in your earphones, turn on your jam and bob your head to the beat while you wait. Now you have something to keep you occupied and save you from boredom.

9. Fills up the silence in the car.


Going out on a date, or away with your friends, or just a drive alone to clear up your mind a little bit. Be it any ride that you take up, you can fill up the empty silence by turning on the radio and letting the music do all the talking while you have a peaceful drive. God forbid, if there ever comes up an awkward situation during the drive and the destination is nowhere in sight, our dear beloved music gives you an out.

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10. On sleepless nights.

We have all had those nights when, no matter how exhausted you are, you just can’t seem to fall asleep. Sometimes the anxiety of a big event like a final exam or an important meeting keeps you up at night when you know you should be resting before the big day. At such hours music comes to the rescue. More often than not, it has been seen that playing a soft soothing music and trying to fall asleep has been a success.

11. While working out.


It is a common practice these days to work out to keep yourself fit and in shape. It is also a common thing these days to have music playing in your earphones when you exercise to help you soothe your mind and relax.

All in all, be it any kind of situation, music has always been a loyal companion just like our best friend. No wonder it is one of the most loved art forms out there.