11 Signs That You’re A Happy Drunk


It’s the best time of the year with the pitter patter of rain and the cool nights. The point is that when the weather’s this nice and the music’s playing and the booze is flowing, it’s pretty darn easy to get drunk very very quickly. 😉

It always starts with just one beer..and then a couple more..and some shots and before you know it you’re tipsy and entering the realtime-change zone with the stumbling and the slurry speech..

The “best” kind of drunk is the Happy Drunk: they’re happy, they’re crazy, they’re the life of the party. The only reason you’ll probably hate them will be that you’re sober or at least not as inebriated as them because they will follow you like the plague and annoy the shit out of you 😀

If you’re a happy drunk..you’re probably doing all this :


1. You cant shut your mouth :O

Once you open your mouth..there’s no stopping you. You wouldn’t give a damn if you talked to your long lost friend’s ex who you probably hate sober..you would tell your life stories to anyone who would listen and you will repeat it to any walking creature there..( lookout for the dogs and ghosts while we’re at it champ!! 😉

2. You can’t stop the freakin’ smile plastered on your face.

Once the moment of bliss is crossed the laughing and giggling is a continuous thing…as far as you know this is the best night of your life and you’re in the state of complete euphoria 😀

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3. You drunk dial all your friends ( and maybe your enemies too 😛 )

Once you’ve got your cell and a 5 minute break you literally call every freakin person you know in the world to tell them how much you love them and how much you’re grateful to have them in your lives!! And this is not just it..you wouldn’t think twice calling the stupid ex who cheated on you to give her a good piece of your mind 😉

4. You want everyone to enjoy as much as you are enjoying.

You cannot see the 2 ladies standing shy at the corner with their eyes digging holes at the bar or someone who’s wallowing over their douschebag ex and you sincerely and genuinely want to know what’s wrong and how you can make it all better. You’ll dance on a table, spill beer on yourself, or make fun of random people in the bar  just to cheer the person up. .You’re gonna bring everyone together and make them enjoy their time as much as you do!! And how is that going to happen?? You’re gonna buy shots and a bucket load of drinks because i’m drunk baby..and I don’t give a damn about money because tonight we’re celebrating life 😀

5. You become a dancing machine.

You may have never danced in your entire life until now but today you’re the king of dancing because your feet just wont stop..!! Oh my god..who knew i memorized the entire dance routine of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” ?!! Only if your friends were too kind to tell that you were actually just doing the Baarati dance 😉

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6. You hum all the songs.

You don’t want the fun to stop when you have to use the restroom so you keep humming wherever you go.

7. You just start hugging everyone 😀

You want to show everyone how much you love them and feel it all for yourself too. So, you’ll hug your friends and even strangers ( if they’ll allow it 😛 ). Otherwise, you’re totally fine with a high five or fist bump.

8. You need to capture the moment.

zooey deschanel animated GIF

You met that weird hand-tricks guy and the girl with the cool tattoos and you don’t trust yourself to remember them or any of your friends and the fun you’re having right now and you just want to capture the moment in a crazy group selfie or you’re just gonna record all the crazy stuff going on all around you because its just soo good!!

9. You pocket dial.

While you’re busy surfing through the photos the bartender took, pointing out the funny faces of the girl you just met, you accidentally go to your recent calls and hit “Mom” or “Dad” with your finger as you place your phone back in your pocket or purse and guess what..??!!  You have no idea that you actually did this, but will certainly find out the next day when your parents tell you about all the yelling you did and all cackling in the background.

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10. You want to keep the night rolling.

Your friends want to leave because they have a long commute or just want to call it a day and all you want to do is keep the night going..You’ll beg and keep them busy as long as you can..and even when they leave..there’s no taking you out of the zone right? You still have an open tab and it’s not last call yet! Hell yeahh!!

And last but not the leastt..

11. You feel sad when the night is inevitably over.

You don’t want to get off the cloud nine you were dancing on and when the night ends the realization hits a low point every time..This is the point where you actually care where your wallet and phone are and how you’re gonna reach home but the warm blissful feeling never leaves darling 😀