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11 most beautiful hill stations in India that you should definitely visit


Summer in India is hot and uncomfortable. At many parts, schools remain closed for more than one month so that kids do not have to face the harsh hot weather. This is the time when people think of having a vacation at some cool places such as the hill stations. The view of snow-covered mountains, chilling weather, and a great trip is the first thing that comes to mind. Many people tour somewhere outside the country, but there are many such places in India itself that can compete equally with hill stations of abroad countries.

Here are some of the most amazingly breathtaking hill stations that you must visit while in India.

Munnar, Kerela

When talked about hill stations, surely you must have not even thought of something in South India. But in actuality there are a number of beautiful hill stations, especially in Kerala that you can explore. Munnar is one of such places where you will find tea plantations, winding roads in between lush greenery and various small resorts for your comfort. This place has been a favorite of many photographers and filmmakers till date. Some amazing things that you can do here are visiting the Tate Tea Museum and enjoying the delicious Malayali food.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

This region of India is known to be the most untouched part by both India tourists as well as the tourists coming from outside. But if you come to Arunachal Pradesh, you will be surely mesmerized with some of the stunning beauty sites. The hill station Tawang is known for its serenity because it has not only the India’s biggest monastery but in fact world’s biggest one. Apart from the monastery, you will enjoy a natural beauty that combines clear blue sky, snow-covered peaks, and mountain valleys altogether to give you a feeling as if you have come to some other world.

Amboli, Maharashtra

Again this is also one of such places, about which people do not know much. Amboli is located in the south ranges of Sahyadri hills and is one of the most amazingly looking hill stations of Maharashtra.  People often come here in search of peace as this is a place not only beautiful but also serene in nature. It is a very nice idea to come here for a day to two and get a fully rejuvenated mind and soul before you get back to your usual work.

Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir

Now who does not know about Srinagar, one of the most beautiful places on Indian land? It is also known as the Venice of India and is also one of the most romantic hill stations in India. Some of the specific elements here that makes it a worth remembering trip are the Shikara ride on the Dal Lake, the houseboats, the flower gardens, weather, food and many others. If you are thinking of Jammu and Kashmir, you will be actually confused about which place you should visit and which one you should not. No wonder this place is called as the ‘Paradise on Earth’.

Nandi Hills, Karnataka

If you are in a mood of trekking, then you can head towards Karnataka. Almost 60 km away from Bengaluru is located the Nandi Hills that is also known as Nandidurg. It is actually famous for a fortress on it that is surrounded by a number of ancient towns such as Nandi, Kanivenarayanapura, and Muddenahalli. At the footsteps of the hill is the Bhoga Nandeeeshware temple. It is said that before your start the trek, you should have a break at this temple once for sure. One of the interesting things that you will get here is that you have to stay in different homes rather than in hotels. You can visit various old temples, the fort on the hill and also the Muddena Halli Museum.

Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

Pachmarhi is a hill station in Madhya Pradesh that is situated in the ranges of Satpura that is almost 1,100 meters high. This place is often connected with mythology, especially with the Mahabharata. Some of the famous places that you can visit here are Silver Falls, Dhurgarh, Sangam and a number of caves.

McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh

This place is mainly famous in the name of ‘Little Lhasa’ because, in India, this place has a large population of Tibetans. Not only this, Dalai Lama in India stays in the Mcleodganj Dharamsala. To meet him a number of tourists and Buddhist pilgrims visit each here this place. Also, this place is famous spot to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Phawngpui, Mizoram

This is one of the places, people often think about when the concept of hill stations comes in mind. The Blue Mountains here is worth watching a view. Apart from this there are a number of other things in this beautiful hill station that you can explore. You can visit the Phawngpui National Park that is home to a number of flora and fauna, mainly different types of orchids. You can also visit the city of Aizawl to know the culture and tradition of people here.

Chopta, Uttarakhand

Here is another trekking spot for you to explore. From here you can rise to the places like Tungnath. Settles on the laps of the Himalayan range, Chopta offers you a great view of a number o other ranges such as Trishul, Chaukhamba, and Nanda Devi.

Darjeeling, West Bengal

This can be said to be one of the most popular hill stations that are visited by a number of people each year. It lies in the foothills of the Himalayas and is surrounded by various snow covered mountain ranges. You can easily have a glance of the range Kanchenjunga that looks like a golden mountain when the sun rises. This is also known as the spot where people from Calcutta and other places of West Bengal come to spend their summer holidays. The place is also famous for its tea plantations, and you will love the view of green tea gardens everywhere.

Shillong, Meghalaya

Also, many people wish to visit Shillong when they think of hill stations in India. This is also known as the Scotland of East due to its amazing climate and beautiful scenic view. You can have a look at various green hills, waterfalls and others that make this place a heavenly beauty.

Apart from these places, some other hills stations that you can explore in India are Nainital in Uttarakhand, Mount Abu in Rajasthan, Shimla and Manali in Himachal Pradesh, and the list may go endless.



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