11 Inspiring Sources for your Essay Writing


Essay writing can be challenging at times. Finding your inspiration for the topic seems to be the most difficult part. Most of the times, inspiration comes from the most unthinkable ideas, you just need to take a minute and brainstorm, or focus on something in order to get that ‘spark’ that will help you come up with the perfect topic and title. If your teacher gives you the task of writing an essay on a topic you can choose, check out these helpful tips for getting inspired

#1. Watching photographs-

Flickr might be the perfect place to start your brainstorming session. This online portal is filled with plenty of useful and inspiring photos, and by watching them something interesting might come into your mind. Just select a mai broad topic/keyword and then start watching photos in that section.

#2. Essay writing sites –

A lot of value and insight can be obtained by reading essays and papers written by experts. Such sources employ professional degree qualified writers who can discourse on any subject. An interesting thesis proposal or book critique might spark an idea.

#3. Browsing the newspaper-

Check today’s local newspaper for some inspiration. Read through the titles, and see if there is something that might represent the main source for your idea. Besides the main headlines, your inspiration can also come through the ads. For example, you might see an automotive ad, and then you might think of writing about road accident statistics/ prevention issues, or the Top Ten Bestselling cars today. The ideas you can get are infinite…

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#4. Watching movies-

What was the last good movie you saw? That movie might be the inspiration for the topic of your essay. You can write on similar topics debated in the movie, or about social problems depicted in that movie (poverty, hunger, bullying at school, war, fighting with an incurable disease, and many other).

#5. Listen to your favorite music-

It has been psychologically proven that music helps with the creative process. Just sit back, relax and listen to your favorite songs/album. Now let your thoughts take wings, and put down quickly on paper the main topic/thoughts that come into your mind. In about half an hour, you will certainly have a broad idea on what you want to write about. Music helps you brainstorm a really good topic for your essay.

#6. Observing people-

Just go out for a nice cup of coffee alone. Sit down, and now start observing people. Notice young couples fighting, old people walking hand in hand, a mother talking softly to her baby, poor people begging on the roadside. Random thoughts, ideas and pictures will come into your mind and just as you are sitting there you might easily come up with the perfect idea.

#7. Favorite books-

Think about your favorite books. What was the most inspiring book for you? How did it help you change as a person? What was the main theme of that book? Put down a few ideas on paper, and brainstorm to come up with a topic. Now start reading online reviews of the book, and you will find out the opinion of other people regarding a certain theme developed in that book. Now you can find your topic much easier, so develop on that to come up with a creative title.

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#8. Get help from friends-

Now you can finally put your social media profile to good use. Ask each of your close friends to come up with an idea or topic for you. Quite soon, you will start receiving dozes of ideas, some of them funny indeed, but some of them quite successful. You might find your fantastic essay topic just like this.

#9. Quotations by famous writers and artists-

Check out quotations websites online, and read through famous quotes. Find a major topic such as Inspiration, Love, Friendship, Charity, Education, History…and then read quotes under that particular topic. Sooner or later you will come across a famous saying that will start to haunt you, and you will want to write about that thousands of words.

#10. A walk to…remember.

Just take a stroll in the park and observe the beauties of the nature. The fresh air and the nature in bloom will give you the inspiration you need. You can also listen to your own relaxing music while taking a walk, and you will not be distracted by anything. By the time your walk is over, you will come up with a brilliant idea for your next essay.

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#11. Travel destinations-

Your next essay could develop on the adventure you had on your last trip, or the culture and history of a beautiful country you visited, or the social norms in a certain society different than yours. People love to read such intriguing and interesting travel/adventure related essays, and your teacher will appreciate the topic as well. Just think about the last holiday, day-trip or city break you had. Why was it so special? What are the best comments you could talk about for hours?

Now you have your main idea for the essay. It can be easily noted that sources of inspiration are all around you, they just need to be discovered. Inspiration will come to you when you expect it the least, you just need to make a mental effort and let your creativity come to the surface. Start your brainstorming sessions by observing the usual things around you, and you will be able to come up with the perfect topic for your essay.