11 Gift Ideas for the Military Enthusiast in Your Life


With the holidays fast approaching, it’s that time of year when you’re frantically trying to think of the perfect gift for family and friends. If you have a military enthusiast in your life, there are many great gift ideas to from which to choose. So many ideas that it can become overwhelming knowing where to start. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best military gift ideas for you. Thoughtful gifts that reflect a person’s personality and passions are always appreciated.

Phone Accessories 

The world is a well-connected place now, with most people carrying a cell phone. However, cell phones can be delicate devices, breaking at the worst possible time. A stylish yet durable phone cover will keep their cell protected from the rigors of military life. A simple enough gift will help a service person stay in contact with home during tough times and take photos to remember the good times.


Keeping the sun off your face and the head is vital for skin health. And you can still look good while being safe in the sun, making a hat an excellent gift idea. Whether the recipient has served or is just an avid supporter, you’ll find a marine corps cover for all. Caps are light and relatively small as well, making them ideal gifts for posting.


There are many clothing brands out there that are proud to support the men and women of all military branches. As such, you’re sure to find the perfect clothing items for your family and friends who are interested in or served in the military. Bonus points for choosing a brand made by ex-service people as this will make your gift poignant as well as thoughtful. In addition to clothing you can choose clothing accessories and embellishments like custom military and morale patches. Military patches are an evergreen accessory for military personnel and a touch of customization is a great way of showing your affection. If you are looking to customize military and morale patches for your loved ones have a look at this military patch maker.

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Challenge Coin Display

Any veteran and active service member who’s seen action will have earned challenge coins while on a campaign. These coins are a record of their accomplishments and, therefore, a point of pride to the holder. A display case will allow the owner to display their collection of challenge coins with pride. Having them displayed will also make it easier to tell the stories behind how each coin was earned and came to be in their possession.


Some people collect stamps or coins, while others collect military medals. You have plenty to choose from if you have a medal enthusiast to buy for, as medals range from rare historical medals to more recent campaign medals. A medal that has sentimental value passed down from a grandparent is a touching gift to receive. If you’re unsure which type of medal to go for or where to buy them, a display case for an existing collection is also a great gift idea.


Why not opt for a poster of your enthusiasts’ favorite military aircraft or naval ship? These vessels will look quite majestic, framed, and hanging in a prime spot on the den wall. With pictures designed to show crafts at their best, a fan will surely appreciate seeing them like this every day. And again, posters are lightweight and easy to send in the post, so another excellent choice for someone you can’t gift in person.

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If something a little more three-dimensional than a picture is what your loved one is interested in, then you can’t go wrong with a scale model. You’ll find a variety of models available, from kit sets to make to collectible diecast models. Imagine the hours of fun that will be had getting the fine details just right on their favorite jet or tank. Models don’t need to be just vehicles either, with memorials to the people who have served, also a popular choice. For example, a nod to a beloved family member who served in a particular battalion is a lovely idea.


With the long hours pulled in the armed services, caffeine becomes a must for staying alert for long stretches. But long hours don’t have to mean rough coffee that is hard to swallow, meaning a delicious coffee blend will go down a treat. Bring a moment of warm happiness to a service person’s day with a couple of bags of their favorite blend. Especially if someone is stationed in a place where good coffee is hard to come by locally.

Coffee Accessories

Good coffee is enjoyed best if it’s hot and fresh, so ensure they can enjoy that coffee as it should be with the right equipment. A good quality travel mug or flask will keep that drink hot for longer and allow it to travel too. If the situation allows for a better quality drink, then just instant a single-serve filter system is a clever gift to bring even more class to that caffeine hit. Just be sure to include all the necessary components, nor choose anything too delicate if it will be hauled about roughly.

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Donation to Military Support Charities

Many people find life after the forces hard going, and as such, there are numerous military charities. A great way to show your support is to give gifts that directly support these charities. A popular choice is making donations to your choice of military charity in other people’s names. The other popular choice is to buy charity merchandise, allowing profits to go directly back into the charity. The third option is products from an external company working in partnership with a charity, which will donate with every qualifying purchase. 

Magazine Subscription

With magazines covering all manner of topics, you’ll get the right issue to send to someone. An active service member who is mad about gaming may appreciate a gaming magazine subscription for the escapism. In contrast, an admirer of old naval ships can get excited by the glossy pictures of 18th-century warships from a different magazine. 

It doesn’t take too much imagination to find just the right gift for a military enthusiast, regardless of where their interest stems from. There are many terrific ideas for young and old, and those near or far.