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10 website to watch FIFA World Cup online


Football is the game that has fans all across the world. But if you are not present on the grounds to watch the game, then one of the major options is to get together with your friends and watch it on television. Today as life has become so busy and hectic that you do not get the time to be with your friends much so it is necessary to look for some other options.

Another option that you can have apart from watching the matches on television is to watch the match online. Today there are a number of such online sites on which you can enjoy the FIFA world cup with the same experience that you may have on television.

Though now there are a number of such websites, but if talked about the best ones, these can be said to be best 10 sites.

#1. Official FIFA website

This is the most trusted site to watch FIFA games with a number of benefits to enjoy also. You have all the matches here that you can watch according to your likings. Not only this it can tool that can help you in switching in between two matches in case if you wish to enjoy both the games. Also there is an option in which you can adjust in between the times zones of your country along with the time zone of the Brazil so that you do not miss up any of the game due to timing confusion.

#2. ESPN

This is an amazing website that you can also have in your smartphone through the application of WatchESPN. The site is known to broadcast almost all the matches of FIFA so that you do not miss out any of your favorite players playing. At present of course the application is available for the Apple users, but the rest of operating system users can browse to the website directly to enjoy the matches.

#3. SBS

This is an online streaming website for Australia and will steam and broadcast almost all the matches of FIFA on the website. You can also enjoy the FIFA matches now on your android devices and Apple devices by installing the SBS application on your gadgets.

#4. NOS

This is a site that is for people from places like Netherlands, Aruba, Suriname and Belgium. People from these places, who are interested in watching FIFA games can enjoy watching the matches along with commentary in Dutch. This is one of the best websites for FIFA where you can stream freely all the matches and also you can get various live updates and news about various matches that are taking place.

#5. CBC

CBC is the online streaming website for Canada. It broadcasts as many as 64 games of the FIFA world cup and you can easily visit to the website without any kind of subscriptions to enjoy the matches. Also you can get applications of the website for your android as well as for Apple devices if you wish to enjoy the matches on your go.

#6. FirstRows Soccer

This is one such website that normally broadcasts all time of sports played all over the world. If you are watching FIFA world cup matches on this site, then also you can get some of the best experiences here. The best thing about this site is that it broadcasts the matches about 45 minutes before they get broadcasted on air or on your television.

#8. BBC

You must have heard of BBC as it is the online streaming website for UK. You can easily watch the matches on this site without paying any kind of subscription for it. Also when you are watching the match on BBC TV channel, you do not have to pay subscription for the television channel too. Also now you can easily get BBC as an application on your android as well as Apple devices where you can enjoy matches as per your comfort.

#9. RTE

Like various online streaming websites for different countries all over the world, Ireland also has one such website and this is RTE. The website broadcasts about 64 games of the FIFA World Cup live on its website. These may include also those matches that are not broadcasted on television. Apart from watching the match on this particular website, you can also install the application on your smartphone to enjoy the matches.

#10. Wiziwig TV

This is an amazing website where you can get various links from all over the internet that broadcasts FIFA world cup matches. You can choose from the links and then can open them to enjoy your favorite match. In recent days, this has come up to be the most popular sites for watching sports especially FIFA world Cup matches. Though here you may get a number of advertisements to distract your attention from the match but at least one positive thing is that you do not have to search various links and sites as you can get various links here at one place. As you enter the site, you can choose the link you wish to see as you are choosing the matches that you wish to watch and enjoy.

#11. Univision

Univision is another such site that is known to broadcast various sports tournaments in Spanish. If you are comfortable in listening to the Spanish commentary, this is the perfect place for you. Along with so many sports to be broadcasted here on this site, one such game is the FIFA world cup. The first 56 games of the world cup can be streamed for free but after that you have to sign in and then you can watch the matches. You can get this website also on your android phones and other devices in the form of application. Simply install the application on your devices and you will be able to watch and enjoy FIFA World Cup matches as per your location.

Thus, there are a number of such websites that broadcasts the matches of FIFA World Cup, but it is you to decide about which one you wish to enjoy.



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