10 ways in which our grandparents pamper us like nobody else



With the increase in the number of nuclear families, most kids these days do not get to experience the blessing called grandparents’ love. The love showered on them is beyond is measure, their golden words are meant to be heard and remembered for a lifetime.

Young people need something stable to hang on to a cultural connection, a sense of their own past,a hope for their own future.Most of all, they need what grandparents can give them.”

Here are the 10 ways in which grandparents express their love:

  • Telling bedtime stories: From mythological tales to stories from their childhood, grandparents exactly know how to teach us important lessons on life in the simplest ways. From lulling us to sleep to making us smile and wonder in amusement at the same time, there is hardly anything they can’t do.


  • Patiently listening to everything you say: If you ever had anything to share and couldn’t find the right person, your grandparents filled that vacancy with utmost perfection. They will never tell you how you are absolutely stupid or wrong, they will never interrupt you while you speak and yet when you are done telling, their words will be exactly what you have been longing to hear.
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  • Making your favorite dishes: All of us have one favorite dish that nobody but our grandmothers can make. If you are visiting them during the holiday season, bounteous meals are an added advantage. Maybe ‘adding love’ to the food isn’t just a phrase at all; maybe that is what makes their food better than anyone else in the world.


  • Giving you money so that you can buy that dress your parents said no to: Ever wanted something and your parents denied to it? Well, there is no need to be disheartened because you exactly know who to ask the money from! They never deny us for anything, probably because they can’t. All they expect from us in return is that we become better individuals. They are the perfect examples of selfless love in this universe.



  • Keeping secrets: Broke your mother’s favorite vase? Got involved in a fight with your friend? Even if your grandparents know the details, you can always count on them to keep it a secret from your parents. One innocent look and you will hear them saying, “Nahi bataunga kisiko,bas dobara mat karna”. Till you have the shelter of their love and care, life isn’t that tough after all.
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  • Asking you to spend time with them because they might not be there always: This is probably the hardest thing to accept and there is no way that you can imagine life without them. Each one of us might have been told this once and it would have dawned upon them as a harsh reality.



  • Narrating childhood incidents of your parents to hide your faults: Ever heard them say, “Tumne toh jaise kia hi nahi ye bachpan mein” to your parents? Well that is exactly what I am talking about. You could always expect them to come to your rescue while being scolded by your parents. Who could answer your parents better than their own parents? One memory from their childhood and the atmosphere of the house becomes normal again.


  • Taking care of you when your parents aren’t around: If both your parents are working or if they have gone out of town for a week, you know that your life will function smoothly when your grandparents have taken the charge. From feeding you well to making your beds, they do everything with utmost love and care.



  • Long phone calls that often result in tears when you are away from home: They never miss an opportunity to tell you how incomplete their life is without your presence or how they remember you at least ten times a day. Their evenings are spent waiting for your call and if you ever forget to call, you will hear their worried voices when they finally talk to you. There is no family function or gathering in which they don’t talk about you.
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  • By loving us unconditionally: Our grandparents might hold our little hands for a while, but they hold our hearts forever. Their love and blessings stay with you for a lifetime.

You exactly know what to do after reading this article; give them a call if they are far, a hug if they are close. Do not miss an opportunity to express your love to your grandparents who make your world a little softer, a little warmer and a little kinder.      

Grandmother and granddaughter dancing together
Grandmother and granddaughter dancing together