10 Valentine’s Day Special Cake With Love From Bakingo


Cakes are the tokens that pronounce love and celebration like nothing else. A dense, rich, moist freshly baked cake has no competition when it comes to having something that makes the day memorable. Not only to satiate the taste buds but also to make the occasion sweeter with some tender loving feelings, cakes are always up and at the job and when it comes to baking the most diverse cakes ever, no one comes close to Bakingo. From some of the most unusual flavors to some of the most endearing shapes, Bakingo is always striving to give some more taste of the best you can find. For Bakingo, baking a fresh cake is not just a job but its a passion and it is this zeal that makes it best in the field.

For the upcoming love fair (Valentine’s Day) in February, Bakingo is all geared up to provide you with some of the most appealing Valentine Day special cakes to mark this special day of your relationship with entrancing memories. No matter what flavor your beloved is in love with, Bakingo has something for every cake lover out there.


1. Heart Shaped Photo Cake


This is going on the top of your list for a variety of amiable reasons. The heart shape itself signifies the deep love you have for your beloved and to top it off with your favourite photo is just like the cherry on the cake. As your partner will be greeted with this surprise, their happiness will know no bounds when they will look at the picture of you two over the shape of a heart on this day of love.

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2. Heart Shaped Vanilla Cake


The classic yet the best, this timeless cake will never let you down. Baked in a perfect heart shape and adorned with beautiful tiny hearts made of fondant, this cake will showcase your affection towards them flawlessly. It is called Vanilla Rush because of the effect it has on the hearts which are in deep love with each other.

3. Heart Shaped Vanilla Strawberry Cake


A fusion made in heaven but up-scaled at Bakingo. Baked in a heart shape, it is topped with strawberry glaze and a bouquet of fondant roses to tell them how special they are for you.

4. Heart Shaped Double Heart Choco Truffle Cake


A cake with a heart on its sleeves, this one will be loved by your beloved for sure. Baked with a dash of infatuation, it is topped with ganache glaze making it oh-so-sweet to relish. The handcrafted red heart made of fondant in the middle made this indulgence worth it.

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5. Red Velvet Heart Cake


Red like the color of love and taste to resemble the love and affection of your sweetheart, this red velvet cake in heart shape is a sweet sin that you cannot resist to commit. Filled with love and perfect for occasions like Valentine’s Day, this one is sure to make memories more cherishable.

6. Heart Shaped Choco Vanilla Cake


The tempting taste and moist and decadent three layers of vanilla and chocolate, this cake has everything to make your heart goes crazy in love with it. The romantic frosting of chocolate and vanilla with handcrafted fondant rose makes it all worthwhile.

7. Heart Shaped Choco Truffle Cake


If you and your beloved are ardent chocolate lovers who are super romantic when it comes to express love, then this cake is baked just for you. Call it Devils’ Food cake or just a Truffle, every bite of this cake will take you further into the velvety abyss of the chocolate cream. The heart shape adorned with handcrafted, fondant red roses, this cake will be a show stopper.

8. Heart Shaped Black Forest Vanilla Cake


Black forest was never endearing as this one before. Beautiful heart shape with contrast frosting this one is meant to exude love and romance in the air. The handcrafted fondant rose to take things up a notch.

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9. Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake


If you wish to showcase all the love you have for your beloved in your heart, then, this cake is the perfect bet. Right from the first bite, this cake will captivate your heart and will keep you longing for more.

10. Heart Shaped Fondant Vanilla Cake


If you are not quite sure how to express your emotions, then pick this cake to showcase your love to your sweetheart. Timeless flavor and unique beauty, this cake will touch your beloved heart instantly. A royal fondant cake accompanied by a hearty rose, this one is baked perfection.

There are many more Valentine Day special cakes, just visit the website of Bakingo and delve into a heartlicious treat this 14th February.