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10 Types of Friends Everyone Has in Their Facebook Friend List


Warning: This post contains a lot of sarcasm.

Facebook has become our source of information. It is now a man’s best friend. Wherever you go, it follows. the whole world has an account on Facebook, even those who do not have access to the internet. It has reached in every corner of the world. Its meaning has reached beyond just a source of communication. It has become more of a platform to declare your views and ‘life events’ to the world. The most interesting thing one would see on Facebook is the variety of people.

Here is a list of different sorts of people who you would come across in your friend list:

1. The wannabe photographer

“You’re a photographer and you don’t own a DSLR? Oh, you must be kidding me!”

We all have at least one friend who owns a DSLR camera and has a “*insert name* Photography” page.

And if you own a DSLR, you wouldn’t want to disrespect it by not uploading pictures on Facebook. Would you?

These days, everybody wants to be a photographer. But, let me tell you, buying a DSLR and clicking pictures on auto-mode does NOT make you a photographer. It only makes you a wannabe photographer and that is NOT COOL.

2. The pervert/flirt

Each one of us has that friend who comments on and likes only the pictures posted by a girl.

Every girl has a person in her friend list who initiates chat every time he sees her online. He does not miss a single opportunity to flirt.

Sometimes, those comments and chats can get really creepy.

Girls do not like such guys. They loathe such creeps.

3. The ultimate ‘bhakt’

Facebook has also become a medium to showcase your beliefs. There are so many people who share and like pictures of gods and goddesses.

They do not care what others think of them as long as their god is with them everywhere (literally).

It might bug some people but those ‘bhakts’ are only trying to show how much they believe in god by sharing their pictures with the world.  What’s wrong in that? Even gods need a little dose of Facebook.

4. The Cricket/Football experts

Everybody is an expert at something when he/she is on Facebook. The most common among them is the Sports expert.

Football and Cricket are the most popular sports on Facebook.

The world wouldn’t know that one has seen a match if he/she doesn’t upload a status about the same.

Most of the times, people post expert reviews about the matches. They might have never played that sport but their reviews are authentic. Aren’t they?

5. Mr./Ms. Over-smart

This kind expresses itself through baseless sarcasm and comments.

These people have an opinion on everything and mostly it is shallow but come on, they’re just trying to enlighten us.

Posting memes and ridiculing everything is their favorite hobby.

They’re smarter than most of us or at least they try to be.

They are adorably pretentious.

6. The show-off

“I bought a new iPhone 6. I have to post a selfie with it.”

“I bought a new DSLR. I have to boast how good it is on FB.”

Haven’t we all seen such people around us? These people are everywhere. You can count on them for the updates on how expensive something is. They are the most kind among us.

They are kind enough to share the price of the latest gadgets with us.

If they’re buying something and showing it off on Facebook, it ought to be super-expensive.

7. The fans

These are the most emotional among us. If something bad happens to their favorite character, actor or show they go all sentimental and their cries are heard all over our feed.

They are the true disciples when it comes to TV or movies. They let the whole world know the level of torture they had to face because of the plot twists or sudden demise or any bad omen.

8. The attention seekers

“I hurt my pinky toe. It hurts real bad.”

“I had a breakup. Somebody console me.”

“You will always be in our hearts, bhaiya. May your soul RIP.”

These people post weepy status updates, over-emotional pictures and everything they can do to gain sympathy and attention.

Some people take it to another level by posting a status update/caption about the sudden death of their family member. Instead of being with their families, they think it is more important to let the world give you attention because let’s face it, you are in deep pain and suffering of the loss of your beloved family member, so much so that you are willing to post a status on Facebook.

9. The blind followers

“No shave November? Let’s do it. But, what is it for? Oh, who cares!”

“Wow! people are putting up multicolored rainbow DPs. I should do it, too. Oh look, a guy has done the same. He’s so gay.”

“People pouring a bucket full of ice? So cool! I will also do it and then brag about it on FB.”

These are the examples of what is wrong with the world.

They simply don’t care about anything else except following the latest trend. Moreover, they don’t even care to find the reason behind the trend. If something looks cool to them, they would follow.

They are so blinded by their idiosyncrasy that they fail to see that life is not about how cool you are or how trendy you can be.

10. The PDA (Public Display of Affection) lovers

We all have those couples in our friend list who keep uploading pictures and status updates about their long-lasting love.

They do that to let the world know how happy they are together. They have to update everything they do together on social media. Otherwise, how would we know that they’re still together, right?

Ironically, most of those relationships end because of social media.

They are also the people who usually have two accounts, one for family and one for PDA.



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