10 Types Of Autowalas In Delhi


A common man in Delhi knows the struggle of getting an auto very well. It is not as easy as it seems to be. You actually have to bargain, plead , request and convince the auto rivers. It would be your good luck if you get an auto very easily where the driver agrees to follow the meter and take to your destination. Here is the list of various types of auto drivers which you come across in Delhi.

#1. Not interested auto driver.

There are times when you have to actually grab attention of the auto drivers. They might just leave their autos at one place and having tea in a corner. Such type of thing happens usually at an auto stand. You might have to wait for the driver to finish his tea and then he’ll ask you about your destination and decide whether he is interested to drop you or not.

#2. ‘Sirf metro station jaunga’ auto driver.

Most of the times you have to wait a long time for an auto where the driver agrees to go to your place. Almost every auto driver wants to take the passengers to the metro stations only. This is obviously because they get more passengers near the metro stations. But such type of things are really annoying and most of the times you end up saying that ‘ok bhaiya zada paise le lena. please chal lo.’ when you are getting late.

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#3. sleeping auto drivers.

Many a times the auto drivers are actually sleeping in their autos. If you wake them up and ask whether they are ready to go or not, they take about five minutes to get into position of driving and then they might just say ‘nahi itni door nahi jaunga.’

#4. Music lover auto drivers.

Then, there are autos where loud music plays. To be clear, these songs are not very pleasant to listen to. You actually have to think twice before getting to conclusion about the language in which the song is. Those autos remind you of the Dhoom 2 auto scene. (pun intended)

#5. ‘I know the route’ auto drivers

Then there are auto drivers who would never listen to you and take you to your from a very unusual route which they think is shorter and convenient for them. Most of the times you have to think about the locality where you live in twice and recognize the route. And then they say, wasn’t this the shorter route?’ LOL

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#6. Pretentious auto drivers

There is another variety of the auto drivers who are smart enough to convince you to take auto even if your destination is way to near. (mostly happens if you visit a new place) They pretend that they do not know the address and hence take you from a longer route in order to earn more.

#7. The members of the same gang auto drivers

There are times when you come across auto drivers who divide their customers. So, in this case you have to walk to the correct auto and you have only one option because they have a very strong pact. You might start thinking of your best friend and imagine ‘Bitch! this is called friendship.’ (pun intended)

#8. Confused auto drivers

Then there are auto drivers who do not know the locality well and they keep asking ‘madam, ab kahan se chalna hai?’
you actually have to behave as a google map for them and reach your destination. And the worst part is, when you reach they say, “yeh toh muje pta tha, aapne zada lamba round lgwaya.”

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#9. My auto is my art gallery auto drivers.

Then, you come across autos where you will find each and every type of poster. You actually feel like you are sitting in a magazine (pun intended). Well, i’d say if you are travelling alone, you can always keep reading stuff around and not get bored.

#10. silent auto drivers.

Then there are auto drivers who will not speak a word no matter what. they’ll just talk with their eyes and gestures. If you ask them ‘bhaiya chaloge’, they’ll just nod their head. If you bargain, their facial expressions will tell you that you have to pay more.
these are a few types of auto drivers which i have noticed.You might add many more categories according to your experiences.