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10 Top Classic Beauty Of Bollywood


The world is full of beautiful faces; despite we believed in a popular saying that “Beauty Is In The Eyes Of Beholder”. Still beauty is something which is immortal and incredible.

Our Bollywood witness some real Indian beauty in the performer of the B-Town who performs here. They are loaded with immense talent apart from the spectaculars beauty. Some beauties remain our memory and heart, even when they are gone…

No wonder why our Indian Cinema has been witness some eternal beauties with inspirational performances since its inauguration.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure” no wonder why the silver screen is blessed to have such beauties which is indeed blissful.

Top 10 Classic Bollywood Beauties 


Madhubala – The yesteryear actress Madhubala is the timeless beauty, who is a renowned actress of black and white cinema. She dazzles in classic movies like, “Mughle Azam”, “Mr. And Mrs. 55”, “Chalti Ka Naam Gadi” and many more. Smitten by her beauty the Indian cinema considers her as the ‘Venus’ of the Indian cinema.

Meena Kumari – one of the most eminent actresses of her time Meena Kumari is known for her beauty and real acting. She was known as ‘The Tragedy Queen’ as most of her performances was the full of tragedy although heart touching. She worked in cult classic films including “Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam” and “Pakeezah”

Vyjayanthimala – the multitalented Vyjanthimala is known for her mesmerizing acting as well dancing skills. The Southern beauty and has done big in the Bollywood too and counted as one of the most talented actress of her time. She is literally a living legend.

Sadhna – Sadhna is fashionista of her time which represents herself as a fashion icon. She is famous for her glamorous style apart from acting. Her particular hair cut is famous of her time which one is the known as “Sadhna Cut”.

Nargis – Nargis is most talented actress of her time and considered as one of the most talented actress of her time and her beauty is par apart. She is critically as well commercially successful actress. Her excellence brought her She was honored her with very prestigious Padma Shri by Government of India.

Waheeda Rehman – Waheeda Rehman is a living legend of Hindi cinema, she is famous for her simplicity and versatile acting skill. Her impressive roles in movies like “Pyasa”, “Kagaz ke Phool, Guide”, “Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam”, “Chaudhavi ka Chand”, “Guide” still receiving enormous accolades. Indeed, her beauty is represented very well in the song “Chaudhwi Ka Chaand Ho” picturized on the diva.

Nutan – Nutan is regarded as powerhouse performer with spectaculars acting skills. Her immortal beauty is enough to woo people but it is full of simplicity.

Nanda – The super hit song of the movie “Train” “Gulabi Aankhein Jo Teri Dekhi Sharabi Yeh Dil Ho Gaya” is perfect way to describe beauty of the classic actress Nanda and her beauty was enough to ruled the hearts of fans of her time. She is considering all time classic beauty. Her style, elegance and fashion were spectacular.

Rekha – The Southern beauty Rekha is considered among the most versatile and most excellent actress in the silver screen. Apart from doing commercial movies, she proved herself in art-house movies too including “Ghar”, “Khoobsurat”, “UmraoJaan” and so on with very strong female oriented. Her timeless and endless beauty is still much-admired.

Hema Malini – Most graceful cine-artist of the tinsel town never fail to mesmerised the silver screen with cult classics like, “Johny Mera Naam”, “Sholay”, “Khushboo”, “Seeta aur Geeta, Baghban”, “Sholey” and many more. The Southern beauty is a living legend fondly remembered as the ‘Dream girl.’ Her countless contribution in the Indian Classical dances captivating. She is one of the most beautiful alive.



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