10 Tips To Reduce Belly Fats


Belly fat can just be a nuisance, which not only makes the clothes tighter but is also an initiator of different types of diseases like Type II Diabetes and heart risks to name a few. The fat inside the belly is usually termed as visceral fat, and this is extremely harmful.

Tips To Reduce Belly Fats:

Although belly fat is termed among one of the most stubborn fat which requires a proper meal course and exercise regime to destroy it completely from the body, there are certain other tips that can be followed to remove it with ease.

  1. Soluble Fiber: Eating soluble fiber can retain food in the stomach for a longer period. These fibers absorb water, converting into a gel that slows down the food process as it passes down the digestive system.

The soluble fibers make you feel full and naturally the craving for food drops, which helps in taking a small intake of food, thus reducing a number of fats to an extent. So a handful of Brussels, sprouts, legumes, avocados, etc. should be included in your daily routine.


  1. Avoid Trans Fats: To reduce the belly fat, go through the ingredients well before shopping a particular packaged product. These types of fats have been directly linked to inflammation, heart diseases, insulin resistance and abdominal weight gain.
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These types of fats are created by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated fats and are often found in margarine, spreads and some of the packaged foods.


  1. Say No To Alcohol: Cut down the alcohol intake if this is a part of your daily routine. Considering the statutory warning, alcohol is one of the reasons for many diseases and also for increasing a number of abdominal fats.

Well, limiting the amount of alcohol will decrease the number of fats around the waist. So, if you enjoy it just limit the amount you drink every day to cut down the belly fats.


  1. High Protein Diet: eating a high protein diet initiates the release of the fullness hormone (PYY), which helps in promoting fullness thus reducing appetite. Not only this, but protein also helps in increasing the metabolic rate and helps in retaining muscle mass during weight loss.

Many studies show a decreased amount of abdominal fats in people having a high protein diet every day compared to a low protein diet.

  1. Reduce Stress Level: Cortisol, also known as stress hormone is produced by the adrenal glands which tend to increase the number of fats around the waist line. Also, they increase appetite, which will directly increase the number of
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Engage in some form of pleasure activities or meditate or do yoga to lower down the stress hormones.


  1. Avoid Sugary Foods: Fructose is one such ingredient that has been linked to the increased belly fats. Sugary products contain a large amount of fructose, and hence it is essential to cut down the intake of such products for a weight loss.

It should be noted that even healthier products like honey can also increase the amount of belly fat. So, it should also be sparingly used.

  1. Cardio: The most effective treatment for reduction of belly fats. Depending on the capacity, the intensity of the exercise should be determined. It not only reduces the belly fats but also helps in keeping the body healthy and fit.


  1. No Refined Carbs: While carbohydrate is an essential component for the restoration of a healthy body, an amount lesser than 50 grams per day is the ideal one for the overweight category of people. So, if your daily routine includes refined carbs, replace it with whole grain ones.
  1. Use Coconut Oil: Replace the cooking fats with coconut oil as this is the healthiest fat you can eat. Taking two tablespoons of coconut oil daily helps in boosting the belly fat loss. It also decreases the number of fats stored everywhere in the body.
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  1. Fatty Fish: Fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are essentially important for reducing the visceral fats from the body. Including a piece once a week can show great results.

While many health organizations use the BMI index to correlate it with the risk of having a disease, this can often be misleading. However, it is essential to remove the excess fats from the body, which should be the prime concern.