10 Tips and tricks that allow you to invest big on an electronic gadget


Most of us might have met the man who has lost millions of rupees, numerous houses, and a few factories in some war-torn country. Now, he is working as a clerk on a miserable pittance, or as a shopkeeper, but loses no opportunity to regale friends with stories of his lost former affluence. “If only you had visited my home in Rangoon, some years ago, I would have been able to entertain you befittingly”, he says with a look of wishful nostalgia. If even a fraction of the stories we hear were true, many countries must once have been veritable El Dorados.

With so great a strain on human credibility, it is only to be expected that these stories are now dismissed as ‘refugee’ stories. Conceit of somewhat similar variety is manifest in this world of vaunted technology. In this age of vaunted technology, people are being haunted due to the guile of double dealers. An electronic gadget has become a common man’s precious possession. So, if you are investing big on an electronic gadget, here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. Gadget Reviews:

Websites providing reviews about the latest gadgets are dime a dozen. However, websites providing unbiased and balanced views are few. So, check for the reviews on CNET, NDTV Gadgets etc. If a gadget wins the approval of technocrats of these websites, you may purchase one. However, don’t be too quick to judge someone else’s review. Take your time and use your intellect.


  1. Review the specifications and configurations:
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An electronic gadget may be available in various configurations and specifications. So, pay attention to the details before purchasing one. It is advised to purchase an electronic gadget that meets your expectations and suits your requirements. Consider the potential rewards of owning a gadget of desired specifications and configurations.


  1. Reputed Brands:

From the aspect of being reliable, more often than not, reputed brands in India emerge with great credit. Always opt for a gadget of a brand that has carved a niche for itself. Do away with dubious brands. Remember, if it would not have been for customer satisfaction and reliability, the brands would not have carved a niche in electronic gadget sector.


  1. Online Shopping:

Purchase gadgets from websites that are endowed with advanced security settings and provisions. Ensure that the purchase is made from websites that are enabled with Secured Socket Layer and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure features. As a consequence, one can obviate any phishing and masquerading attacks such as Main-in-the-Middle attack, cyber thefts etc. Rely on authentic and genuine websites that deal with transactions forthrightly.


  1. Budget:

Logic and reasoning should shape your decision. Remain confident of better consequences of your shrewdness. Instead of trying to make sense of everyone’s opinion, just listen to yourself. Heightened intuition should lead you to taking better decisions. In a nutshell, do not go for a very expensive gadget. Take stock of the available gadget’s features. If it is well within your budget, go for it. Some products come with coupons. Avail the offer after sparing some thought on its pros and cons. In addition, you may use vouchers to avail discounts.

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  1. Insured Shipping:

More often than not, online shipments reach safely. However, some intricate and delicate components may lose their structure. These intricate and delicate components may be in very high price range. So, it is strongly suggested in a profound sense that customers opt for insured shipping. Companies replace expensive product parts if these parts are damaged during shipping. So, insured shipping is always a ‘Yes’.


  1. Separate fact from fiction:

Do not fall prey to the figures and statements such as “90% more battery”, “75% off. Offer till 25th of this month.” Use your discretion to separate fact from fiction. Delve deep into the details and check various websites. Also, compare the various offer associated prices and non-offer associated ones. Most importantly, do not forget to take warranty cards.


  1. Verification of Contact details:

Do not rely on the information provided in the company websites. It is best to have the contact details and address for communication of the gadget retailers and other vendors. Double check the same on their LinkedIn Company profiles. In addition, you may check their Facebook pages and twitter account details. If the company has a decent history of dealing with the gadgets and other electronic items, you may place an order.


  1. Customer Reviews:

Check for customer reviews and customer complaints. However, remember that a company always runs the risk of having negative customer feedbacks. So, before jumping to a conclusion, solicit opinions from those who have already purchased the product. Use you will and determination to combat any conflicting opinions.

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  1. Service and Support:

Many a time, customers end up buying a gadget that has not enough service centers within the country. As a consequence, customers have to take the trouble of sending their queries in a mail. They have to wait for the response. Should anything serious happen to the electronic gadget, the entire money invested may be lost due to the absence of timely support and service. Hence, it is imperative that customers buy gadgets such as mobile phones, smart watches etc. of only those companies that have many service centers and support outlets.


The use of gadgets is bound to increase with the ever increasing population. India occupies second position when it comes to purchasing and operating gadgets. So the next time, when you think of buying an electronic gadget, consider the aforementioned 10 tips and tricks. After making the purchase, you will be more than delighted!