10 Things you should know about sex no matter how used to you are with it


Whether you are in a committed relationship for years, or you have just entered into a relationship, sex plays an important role in both. But there are a number of things that people should know and understand that can help them in enjoying the pleasure of intimacy better not only at present but also in future.

Smoking harms not only your lungs but also your sex life

It has been studied that not only the chain smokers but also people who are occasional smokers may have trouble in their intimate moments. Also at times people who are exposed to passive smoking for a long time may also have such troubles. The main problem that these people have been complaining is about the improper response from their private parts. Also, it has been researched and studied that people who have left smoking even after years have slowly gained back their sex life to normal.


Testing all the STDs

Maybe you are visiting your doctor every year for a regular checkup, but this does not mean that your doctor is automatically checking all of your STDs. It should be your initiative to ask the doctor to test various STDs so that you can be sure of yourself. While checking up, you should be honest with the doctor and should answer all the questions asked with honesty. This may include your sex history and other facts that can help the doctor diagnose you properly.


Alcohol may get you a mood but spoils your condition

Many people prefer to get a bit drunk with the conception that it boosts up the mood. It may be true but along with this, another fact is that alcohol consumption can be as harmful to your sex life as smoking. It can lead to problems such as reduced responsiveness and poor sexual functioning. This is because alcohol works as a depressant that makes your senses dull, and you are not able to stay active at cases like having sex even.

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Sex is beneficial for your health

As per the research sex is taken to be the best exercise that can cure a number of health problems such as high blood pressure, stress, migraine, and also it boosts up your immune system to keep you away from various diseases such as cold and flu. Also, it is an amazing way of burning out calories for both men and women. As per the experts, sex can help you in burning about 4.2 calories in just one minute that is much higher than jogging.


Exercising is a great way to get into the mood

It has been researched and found out that exercising regularly keeps you active, and also it helps in boosting up the sexual arousal in women. Also, mild and simple exercising helps in both men and women to boost the flow of blood in the arteries and also the testosterone level in the body that is responsible for a good pleasurable sex. So, if you wish to keep your sex life active always, try to work out at least for 10 minutes every day.


Myth about orgasm

This is a very common mistake or the misconception that people have that during sex they should have an orgasm. In fact, it is not necessary that every time when you are having sex, you will be having an orgasm. This case is both for men and women and so there is nothing to worry if you are not able to feel orgasmic every time when you are getting intimate with each other. As per the experts, the condition of orgasm is reached due to some specific moment or situations, and so it is absolutely normal if you do not feel orgasmic at times.

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The concept of foreplay

Normally, foreplay is said to be very important before having that ultimate sex thing. As per a research, it is noticed that foreplay is mainly an act that prepares both men and women properly so that they can have sex in comfort and not in pain. Also as per a research men may take 11-13 minutes to get ready for the ultimate thing while the foreplay action for women may exceed till 18-19 minutes so that they can get themselves prepared for it.


Precaution is a must

It can be a very foolish attitude to have sex with your partner without any protection only on the basis that you trust him or her. There are a number of STDs that do not show up any symptoms and can catch you as you have sex. So, how much ever you love and trust your partner it is very important to be sure about any diseases that the person have or not. Also, the best way to stay alert and away from any such problem is to use precautions like condoms each and every time you have sex. Of course when you are planning to get a baby, you should go for the STD tests for both yourself and your partner.

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Overusing the various precautions together

Experts advise to use precautions every time you are going for sex, but many people take this advice so seriously that they land up using various precautions at a single time. It has been noticed that there are many couples who use both men and women condoms at the same time. This is actually good for the safety concern, but it has been also noticed that these couples fail in enjoying the pleasure of getting intimate.


Talking after you are done

It is a great idea to talk about your sex experience with your partner, especially if you had an orgasm. Having a post-sex talk means that you and your partner are much open and intimate with each other, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. The hormone oxytocin released during sex is responsible for making you feel to talk about your feelings, and this is a good thing because it helps in making the bonding between you and your partner even stronger and firmer each time.