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10 Things you could buy instead of a college education


Education in India has undoubtedly become expensive. Change is inevitable and inescapable. With the changing patterns and preferences of people to study in a globalized environment, college education costs have escalated. The conducive environments with all modern amenities manifest in colleges have sky-rocketed the costs.

More often than not, many colleges resort to visual mediums such as projectors, computer enabled services and other costly equipment thereby, making the best use of available technology. With India being rendered digital, the teaching equipment has become automated and expensive.

Diving a wee bit into further details, inflation has played spoilsport. Over the past few years, inflation in India is over 9%. To all intents and purposes, 2015 can be declared to be the ‘trademark year of real estate.’ Building costs are mounting to unimagined propositions. Infrastructural costs have spearheaded and outclassed the term galloping inflation.


Moreover, the student teacher ratio in India is abysmal. Nobody can ever deny the truth that teachers and professors are gods in disguise. To all intents and purposes, they have to be offered decent salaries. Otherwise, the entire country runs the risk of losing a great teaching fraternity. All these factors played a crucial role in the escalation of education costs.

Here is the number crunching – A decent and academically rich private engineering college demands around a lakh per semester. This includes examination fee, tuition fee, and transportation costs, and food expenses. In India, to graduate from college, one has to complete eight semesters. With a simple mathematical acumen, one can understand that it takes around 8-9 lakhs to complete each and every milestone in graduation.

How about a change in our mindset? Just think about 10 things you could buy instead of a college education. Excited? Well, here is my list:

  1. Ducati Monster795:

Did you the watch the movie “The Matrix”? The movie hogged the limelight for its epic fight scenes, perfect storyline and amazing bike chases. My favorite bike chase is the chase on Ducati 999cc. Well, Ducati 999cc is much costlier than Ducati Monster795. Nevertheless, the royal look of Ducati Monster795 adds glory. You can own one if you have 7.2 lakhs in your pocket. This is a ballpark figure. After all, it is cheaper than college education.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire:

Let me reveal an interesting fact about Maruti Suzuki. In India, Maruti Suzuki is undoubtedly the highest seller of cars. So, how about owing a car of this reputed brand? If you were to cherry pick a car that has the desired blend of classy look and decent mileage within the budget of 8 lakhs, Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is your best bet. Its aesthetic looks and pleasant interiors add sheen to its glittering chassis.

  1. 4 Apple Mac Book Pros:

Are you really excited about owning Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch laptop? What all it takes to own one that is endowed with 2.5 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor is around 2 lakhs. There is something more in the offing – You get accessories such as dual microphones, stereo speakers and iPhone headset. In addition, you can buy Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter and Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.

  1. At-least 10 Apple iPhone 6 Plus mobiles:

If you wish to own an iPhone, consider this iPhone 6 Plus. You can own one for approximately 60,000/- The marvelous multi touch display and high octane responsive processor make it worth the price. Armed with iOS 8 Operating System and LED backlit widescreen, Apple iPhone 6 Plus is light weight and slimmer than many smart phones present in the market.

  1. Apple Smart Watches:

There is very lively energy in store if you wish to own a precise timepiece. Yes, I am talking about Apple smart watch. You can own a decent looking smart watch with enhanced features for a lakh. However, a smart watch with advanced features can charge you up to 10 lakhs. In a nutshell, the price range is from 22,000 – 10 lakhs. So, the choice is left to your own discretion. Use your volition and take the right decision.

  1. Shares in Google:

How about becoming the shareholder of the American multinational tech giant Google? Sounds thrilling and excited, right? You can purchase around 100 shares and spice up your pride. If you are still left with some amount, be smart and invest in National Saving Certificate schemes that are risk free. However, if you are willing to take calculated risks, investing is mutual funds should be a viable alternative. If you are willing to go overdrive, invest every penny in stocks. The returns are however unpredictable. Do not mistime or misinterpret and take everything for granted!

  1. A six- month world tour:

Find yourself swamped with the idea of a world tour as it takes 120,000 rupees a month, per person. So, how about a six month stay? You get to know a lot about the world in which we all live. You can get accustomed to new cultures and new environments. Stop hiding behind your intellectual barrier and embark on a journey towards destination unknown! Bon Voyage!

  1. Diamond studded exquisite Tiffany & Co. engagement rings:

Find yourself driving all your thoughts and actions towards your beloved one. If you wish to spend some superb time with your dearie and discuss intimate matters, there isn’t a better way of investing 2 lakhs for winning her heart for eternity. You may purchase three such Tiffany &Co. engagement rings to have a good laugh or two with your beloved one.

  1. Sponsorship for the needy:

Blessed are those who help the needy. So, you may sponsor the needy for their education and livelihood. You may take active participation in Corporate Social Responsibility activities and several social activities with an affirmative mindset. Provide free food to the poor. You will earn the blessings of the almighty!

  1. Starting your own venture:

What’s more satisfying than this? Become the boss of your own venture. You can opt for food startups or technological startups. Say ‘Yes’ to ideas that help you carve a niche for yourself in industry sector. Register your startup and look for cost effective methods of running the venture.



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