10 Things about Women That Men Hate


When you are in a relationship, there are a number of things that you will not like about your boyfriend or your husband. Now when you think in this way, then they must be also thinking the same. There are a number of things that men do not like about a woman. Maybe there will not tell you this on your face but yes, they hate it when you do these things in front of them.

Here are the 10 things that men hate about women:

The Joke thing

It has been noticed that women are more to a serious side, and the men are more often funny and humorous than the women. Now of course when men love being humorous and cracking jokes, they will wish to have a partner with them who can take these jokes, understand and have fun. But if the women are too much serious and are not able to take a joke, this is something hated by the men.


Drama Queen

Girls are sensitive, but it does not mean that they should create drama each time. When a girl cries at a very weak moment, then a good guy who actually cares for her will definitely be there to support her. But if the girl has a habit of crying on each and every incident, then this is an irritation for the men. They cannot handle each time when the girl starts up with a debate and then end up crying on the topic on which the men has to stop debating.

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Getting ready

Men also have a number of things to do to get ready, clothing, grooming and many things. But still they are quite fast in getting ready in comparison to the women. If the man is ready and is waiting for the women since last an hour, then this is actually an irritation, and this is the ultimate thing that men hate about women.


Over attached

There are many girls who very sensitive and are too much caring for their men. Girls, though you may think that you are taking care of your men, but they may think this to be irritating and suffocating. Do not try to control their lives and let them have some space of their own. Men hate those women who try to control them or who get too much attached to them.

Her Jealousy

It is quite natural if you are jealous of your men, because so does your man. But draw a line between trust and jealousy otherwise it will lead to a situation when he will start hating you. It is not required that every time your man is talking to a female, there will be something going on in between them; it can be a normal discussion too.

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The Gossip habit

Women will gossip, and no one can stop them from doing so. But when she gossips too much about things, especially in front of the men, it can create trouble. Men never get into long gossips and much into some discussions that have logic. Hence, they start hating women when they gossip a lot.


Talking about the Ex

Of course, no one will like this, even not you. What is the need of talking about your ex when you are in a healthy relationship with someone else? Listening to the stories of her ex, men often feel that maybe she is comparing him to her ex or she still thinks about him. Thus, the way girls hate men talking about their ex, similarly men also hate women talking about their ex.

Complaining too much

Maybe your man is doing something wrong, but there are many other ways to correct him apart from just complaining each and every time. Men hate this when women complain too much about them.

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Talking to Ex

Now this is another big thing that is not liked by the men. Maybe your ex is now just a casual friend to you, but still when you talk to your ex, your man gets insecure. They hate when you talk to your ex.

Selfish motives

There are a number of girls who have selfish motives of getting expensive gifts from their men each time. Of course buying an expensive gift is a way of showing love, but men hate this habit of being too demanding.