10 things why girls are crazy about Sephora


Over the last four and a half decades, Sephora has been the best friend and beauty ally to most women around the world. The make-up is good, the products are innovative and most of all there is something for everyone. There are a lot of brands surfacing in the market over the last couple of decades, yet none has been able to shake the foundation built by Sephora. The brand has launched a wide range of beauty products over the years that have all been accepted by the female race with much love.


10 things why women are going over Sephora:

In case that you are new to this name (which is astonishing by the way) here is a list of 10 things that make girls love and go crazy about Sephora.

  • #1 – Free makeovers

Now, how does that sound? GREAAATTT!!!! Yu can walk into any Sephora store, and they will be more than obliged to interest you in almost ten minutes makeovers. You can thereafter practice them on your own; to enhance the way you look, each day of the week. The makeovers are mainly done to help you try out new looks. See what suits you best and what not. Let me remind you, these makeovers are for free. You no longer have to buy products just to see how they suit you and then be turned down by the results.


  • #2 – Easy Accessibility

With over 2000 stores located nearly all over the western world and now in Asia too, Sephora is without a doubt one of the most sought after, premium make-up brands. So many store locations make it easy for you to locate any that is close to you and shop these magical makeup products to your heart’s content.

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  • #3 – Return of no Receipts

Makeup is not returnable. Well, this is true for the brands over the rest of the world, but not with Sephora. Sephora even returns cosmetics that you have lost the receipt for. Yes, you heard that right. Sephora has been the only brand over the rest of the world, who has been exchanging accepting makeup sold to individuals even with their seal was broken or maybe a little bit used. This is not a phenomenon that is common with the rest of the major brands. Hence, if you just manage to buy a wrong shade of foundation or a lipstick that doesn’t suit you, bring it back and the store will happily replace it for you, or just take it back.

  • #4 – The store lighting is effective

The store has a very prominent and effective lighting, which brings out your blemishes and the hidden issues of your skin. These blemishes might not always be visible to the naked eye, but are enough to dull the all over look you are trying to pull off in a party. Walking into a Sephora store will allow you to figure all these issues out and also get your hands on some of the best products to either cure or cover them.

  • #5 – Personally named products by Kat Von D
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The products are all very innovatively named. The names are sure to tick the right boxes with most ladies. The names are a big part of the fame that the products have brought upon themselves.

  • #6 – More points- More Free Products

There is a big advantage that you can be on the receiving end of, by shopping with Sephora. For every product, you buy from this premium makeup brand, points are added to your shopping account.  Hence, with every purchase you add a valuable point to your name, which you can later use to get free products. What fun, isn’t it!!!


  • #7 – They Have something called the VIBs        

Not only free gifts, but there is more in store for customers with a bigger shopping bag. Customers who are prone to buy a lot of their products are soon promoted to a new league of customers, known as the VIBs. The VIBs is the abbreviation for Very Important Beauties and trust me, you would surely like to be in that league. Being a VIB allows you to be the receiving end of first-hand information on various products, an invitation to special events and also a lot of discounts.

  • #8 – Find Sephora in 29 Countries

Apart from The United States of America, you may also find Sephora in over 28 countries around the world. Hence, in case that you forgot to carry your favourite makeup bag or are moving out of the States, finding your trusted Sephora in the present country should not be a problem.

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  • #9 – Professional Advice by Sephora Stylists

A lot of times it can be confusing for you to pick the right product. There are a lot of things that you have to consider when buying cosmetics, such as- your skin type, complexion, etc. With the help of expert stylists, you can pick for yourself, exactly the right products that will flaunt your beauty in the best way.

  • #10 – Fans Are Appreciated

Sephora is present on a number of different social media platforms, like twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Fans are welcome to send in their photographs, with their new looks, post the use of the beautiful Sephora products. These pictures are thereafter posted on the wall of the official page allowing the fans, their own share of stardom and attention. So, send in the best pictures of yourself, using Sephora and who knows you might just end up creating a golden opportunity for yourself.

Apart from all the above-mentioned reasons that make you crazy for Sephora, there are many more that do the same. If the facilities were not enough, their top class service and welcoming smiles are surely the cherries on the cake. They also wish you on your birthday. They really know how to make you feel special.