10 Things to do before you graduate


The art of living, as people say is a forgotten pursuit. Sometimes, it is a foregone conclusion to many. More often than not, graduation is perceived as a promising avenue of education. To cherish each and every moment of life, one has to keep in the loop the nuances and subtleties of breathtaking moments.  To realize the essence of life in a profound sense, here is a list of 10 must to do things before you graduate:

  1. Exalting the excellence:

Let me begin with a simple desideratum- the unparalleled zeal to exalt the excellence. Life is too short to master the subtle distinctions and variations of each and every pursuit. So, it is strongly recommended to gain a foothold in domain of your choice and establish yourself as an accomplished virtuoso in that particular domain. To attain supreme expertise in the domain of your choice, do the necessary ground work. Let us all remember with a caveat that “Jack of all trades and master of none” is never desirable but being multifaceted and multi-talented is always desirable.


  1. Internship:

How about trying your hands at a corporate office? As an intern, you can accustom yourself to the corporate vibes. If you wish to learn from the great, work as an intern at a startup. The brainstorming sessions and mind blogging discussions will unleash an inspiring train of thoughts. Exceptional ideologies will result in jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring scenarios. As an intern, you will unlearn, learn and relearn.  Always a big yes to the ‘internships’…:)


  1. Sports:

To realize the importance of learning by doing, sports are your best bets. Be it cricket or tennis or football, one has to participate to inculcate the spirit of everlasting sportsmanship. Apart from learning the basics of the sport, one can learn leadership qualities. In addition, decision making skills are imparted. When it comes to tickling our grey cells, nothing can beat chess. So, play chess not to win but to make yourself an overwhelming favorite.

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  1. Esprit de corps:

This is one of the fourteen principles of Fredrick Wilson Taylor’s principles. Esprit de corps signifies the quintessence of camaraderie and rapport that members of a team share with one another. So, learn the ability to do some great stuff by working in teams. Relish the moments of patting one another’s back for a cause. Many universities and institutes make it mandatory for students to submit a genuine project of their choice (or perhaps on a few cherry-picked topics.) It is best to capitalize and count on ‘Esprit de corps’ to scale the summit of success.


  1. Debate sessions:

To unleash a repertoire of uncanny skills, debate sessions are the best channels. Students known for their oratorical brilliance may render the audience spellbind. The enthusiasm and tireless endeavors of such students are indeed contagious. So, master the art of speaking on various topics. Speak on anything and everything. Should time permit, participate in extempore competitions as well. You will inculcate the perfect blend of bite and penetration to voice your opinions. So, do not miss!


  1. Travel:

Travel with a mission and a motto. Travel with your friends to enjoy their unflinching support. Visit the ‘must visit’ places. Appreciate the beauty of nature. Delve deep into the picture perfect moments. Try your hands at photography. Dance and sing with your friends. Acquaint yourself with the people of different cultures, diverse communities and manifold customs. If possible, pen your experiences and let people read about your travelogues.  Travel, travel and travel!

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  1. Movies:

Watch quality movies such as Taken trilogy, Dark Knight, Facing up the giants etc. If you wish to dig deep into the intricacies of out of the box thoughts, watch Christopher Nolan’s masterpieces. Watch Shaw shank redemption, pursuit of happiness, etc. You will understand the importance of hardships and adversities. Watch animation movies to experience absolute bliss. If you are crazy about mutants, watch X-men. Wolverine series – yet another a masterpiece. Who knows! You may end up simulating the likes of top notch heroes…:)


  1. Realize the importance of parents:

Parents are second to none. To appreciate and celebrate your very existence, spend some quality time with them every day. Parents are the precious valuables who support you through the thick and thin of your life. They are the embodiments of gods. Their wise words of counsel lay the path to glory. So, respect them and try to fulfill their small wishes. Bring smiles on their faces by incorporating a vibrant persona.


  1. Live alone:

Yes, this is “an absolute must to do” to stay independent. Assert your independence and usher in a new vigor. Introspect yourself. Rather than basking under the sun for small achievements, it is best to think about the challenges and innovative ways of surmounting these challenges. Life is indeed full of challenges and surprises. Think but do not overthink. Remember- the legacy of ignorance of ‘self’ is a scandal. So, ‘No’ for running away from the problems but ‘Yes’ for embracing the right attitude.

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  1. Altruism:

Extend a hand to the needy. Be an altruist. Be a philanthropist. You owe a lot to the society that carved your life. Indulge in social activities. Let ‘social butterfly’ be your nick name. Visit orphanages. Teach the principles of living to the poor. Do the needful for you shall be remembered not for your talent but for your noble deeds. You don’t have to be a Mother Teresa to offer selfless services, but you can be just ‘your own self’……:)


Let me conclude with a few insightful words- Life is too short to make the same mistake twice. Commit mistakes but learn from them. Rise above the mundane and transcend the horizons of human imagination to witness a blaze of glory. Try your hands at the above described ’10 things to do before you graduate.’ Rather than sulking in the later stages of life for not having done the needful, do it now at the drop of the hat. I wish you all a very best and may your deeds earn laurels!