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10 things that a law student can relate to


1. Better communication skills than others.

Most of us have impressive communication skills and we can make it sound like we are right even if aren’t. DO NOT BELIEVE ME? I’ll make sure you have to. Go on.Also we judge you for all the crappy things you write on your Facebook!

2. Worldly view

We don’t care what that girl you seem to care a lot about does. Yes, she is drunk. Wait, did you father pay for her drinks?

Yes he is figuring out her sexuality right now, just deal with it. We law students have lesser problems adjusting to people experimenting with better ideas and globalization.


We are used to college protests and flash mobs and want to make this world a better place to live in. We, as lawyers think that it is our duty to help others who are unaware of the law of the land.But please do not assume that we’ve mugged up every country’s constitution.

4. Women are treated as human beings

Girl Power!

In a law college, there is a proper way to ask a girl out. You cannot be a cheapster and expect she would do nothing about it. Women are treated as human beings in the campus and guys take human rights seriously. Paradise girls, paradise.

5. Unpaid Internships, Unpaid Internships everywhere

Your parents end up spending 10k on your internships and you get absolutely no stipend. “Experience” is the key I tell you. Also, do not tell anyone if your friend tells you about a firm that pays you 5k for your internship. Hush hush!!

6. “Bhai, agle sem se phod dalenge”

Every semester, same story. Youkeep getting high on backs and alcohol. (So what? You know that hot senior from the IV year, he’s been to London for a moot you know, got a PPO already and drinks and takes his exams “light”ly like us only. Ek aur pi ley.)

7. I am just gonna cram the bare act and go

What? Are you reading Mulla now? God, I was so engrossed with my boyfriend stuff you know Abb Toh I only have time for the bare act. No no, not the whole bare act. Mark me the important ones!!

8. If you make my file, I pay for your pizza

Joy I know how much you like cheese burst. What I am tellling you is finish my Contracts File and I’ll bring you one.

9. Engineers? Those creepy guys who stare at you like they’ve seen no girl ever?

(Because I had to stereotype engineers as we suffer from this really cute thing called superiority complex). We think engineers cannot speak (only till we see them compete with us in a debate), we think they freak out whenever they see a girl (only to see that hot BITS guy making the right move) and we think they are nothing infront of us. You cannot counter that. END OF DISCUSSION.

10. We think we are overqualified for everything.

Whenever our parents tell us how good their friends’ kids are doing at medicine or commerce we don’t even feel the need to counter that argument. Because, seriously? 😀

Share this with your lawyer friends and have a good time. 🙂



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