10 things only hostlers can understand


Hostel life is the best life, says every person after he/she passes out of the school or college. Hostel life has a charm of its own. Every student leaves the hostel with so many unforgettable memories. Most of the hostels have similar rules and most of the hostlers break the rules similarly. there are many things that only hostlers can understand.

1. The fight for washroom

In most of the hostels, people have to share washroom. Every hostler has a memory of fighting for the washroom. Every morning starts with a race to reach the washroom first. Nobody wants to wake up early and sacrifice even a ten minutes sleep but then everybody also tries to be the first one to use the loo.

2. The secret mid-night parties

Every hostler must have been a part of a mid-night party and then caught by the warden. Parties without permission have always been a part of hostel adventure. A party is held every second day with all the illegal stuff (wink).

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3. The relaxing spot

Every hostel has a secret spot where most of the people go and relax. Everybody has his/her own reason and time to visit there. Some might go there to relax, some might go there to chill with friends and some might go there to study.

4. The “Night Walks”

Most of the people roam around in the hostels during night-time after the warden is asleep. It is sort of customary to visit your friend’s dorm during late night hours. You might disturb all the people sleeping but when you are crossing the warden’s room, you had to be super swift and avoid eye contact with your partner( THAT IS, AVOID LAUGHING ).

5. Hiding things

Every now and then, wardens undergo checking. hostlers are very well aware of the best hiding spots. You might find their electronics in a shampoo bottle or in the washroom. They can camouflage their things anywhere within no time. They can think of new places within fraction of seconds.

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6. Different ways to cook

Most of the mid-night meals are cooked with the help of an electric kettle or may be an electric iron. hostlers can cook in every possible utensil. They always find out a way to cook their Maggi (RIP).

7. The night bunks

Most of the hostels have many formalities for letting you stay out for a night. But honestly every hostel has a secret door. hostlers always find a way out, be it with the help of a security guard or with good climbing skills.

8. The annoying alarms

Only hostlers can understand the pain of the million alarms that keep on ringing every now and then. You might be in the middle of your sleep when the alarm rings in the next door.

9. The friendship with the cleaning, mess and security staff

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Only hostlers can understand the importance of a good relation with the staff. You might find it funny, but you have to flatter the ‘kaamwali bai’ to get things done the right way. Friendship with the security staff is a must. They are your visa for going out of the hostel boundaries and get in whenever you want.

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10. The importance of lies

You have to be very careful with your words. You cannot just tell people who you have ‘ACHAAR’ or ‘GHAR KE LADOO’. You have to make up stories about every loophole you leave after every mischief.