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10 Things That Only Your Friends Will Teach You About Marriages


Till now you must have always heard that your elders are the best teachers about marriages. But do you know that your friends can also be the best guides for your marriages? Yes, they can really be, especially if they are married. This is because different time periods have different thinking and mind frames of people. The time when your parents got married, they had a different mind frame than what you have now. Similarly, you and your friend’s wavelength match perfectly, so your friends can be the best person to advise you on a matter such as marriages.

Chemistry is important

No matter what age difference you have the most important thing that you should have common with your husband or wife is the chemistry. You both should have a proper understanding among you both so that things are always smooth and in proper shape and place. Today you may find couples having an age difference of more than 20 years, or you may even find a wide that is elder to the husband. But what will matter the most is the understanding and the chemistry in between them. If these two elements are there they match each other in thinking, then nothing else is noticed.


Obviously, this is quite normal that a marriage relationship should have sex in it. Friends often will suggest you that if this element is lost in your marriage, then your relationship may fade out and may have troubles here and there. It is important to experiment various ideas and ways to keep the intimacy quotient always alive in your relationship.

Ultimatums should be avoided

You may have a lot of fights, but the fights should not land up to any kind of ultimatums. Often it has been seen that many of the couples use blackmailing tantrums for each other to get work done or to win a fight. This may work for a couple of initial incidents, but later on, this can come up with a massive impact on your relationship. A time will come when both the partners will stop taking each other seriously and ultimately one day your relationship will end up.

Supporting each other

In today’s world, the concept of the husband going to earn money and the wife taking care of home does not fit at all. It may happen that both the partners are working, and then when they return back home, they take care of the home also together. Also, there are instances when the wife is a working woman, and the husband is there at home to take care. Thus, it is all about supporting each other. Breaking the traditions, it is important to understand each other, know each other properly so that you can support each other properly.

The fighting part

You must have often heard from your parents and elders that the more you fight, the more you will love each other. Well, this statement is correct to some extent until today also such as happy couples do fight. But here also, there has to be a limit. You may fight like cats and dogs, but you should patch up at the end of the day so that you can start the next day with fresh mood and energies. Couples who practice this method don’t end up soon and do not carry a fight for long.


If you are a working man, and your wife is at home, that does not mean that it is only your wife’s responsibility to take care of the kids. You need to understand that the way you are working the whole day at the office so that you can earn money for your family and home, similarly, your wife is also working at home so that you can get good food and relaxation when you reach home. So, ultimately both of you are tired and hence, it is the responsibility of both of your to take care of your kids. Even for divorced couples, it is an ideal thing to co-parent the kid together.

Don’t be trapped in marriage

It is not necessary that an arranged marriage will be the correct decision for you. It is always better to be a runaway bride than to be trapped in a wrong marriage. If you think at the last moment of your pre-marriage rituals also that your wavelength is not matching with the particular person, you should say to stop. It is no harm in changing your decisions at the last moment also if you are sure that you will be not happy by marrying this particular person.

Marriages should not start with a lie

It has been observed that few years back, parents use to hide facts and lie in marriages. But your friends today will tell you that such thing will not save your marriage will rather ruin your marriages even more. If you have told a lie about something and you are caught with it later on after marriage, then of course, nowadays, anyone is free to take a decision of breaking a marriage even on the shortest note.

Marrying the best friend

Now this is the new concept that is actually working out for many of the couples. No one will know you the way your best friend does. He or she is aware of his strengths, weakness, and everything even more than your parents. So, it is surely that you will be comfortable with the person the entire life. So, there cannot be another best deal apart from marrying your best friend.

Keep your happy incidents of past always alive

As time changes, situations also change. After a few years from now, you may start feeling that maybe you have married the wrong person. This is the time when you need motivation. If you have an old video, check out how your partner loved you and how happy you guys were. This will help you in analyzing about where you are going wrong and how you can settle up everything again.



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