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10 things that explain the most important sustainable business principle!


The world is still lagging behind the Sustainable Development Goals. The post-2015 agenda has also seen resolutions and memorandums. However, it is important to note how efficiently the international community join hands together in solidarity against unsustainable methods of development.


* The Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES) is a non-profit organization comprising of investors and the groups which are of environmental, religious and public interest. Around 60 companies have signed its principles and it has more than 70 members, primarily large financial institutions.

* Pollution and environmental degradation factor that has been exacerbated by industrialization. Hence the corporations along with their stakeholders are responsible to protect the sanity and integrity of nature. CERES principles has been framed as a long term commitment to the adoption of sustainable business practices.

* Some of the Fortune 500 companies that are part of it are Sun Company, General Motors, Arizona Public Service, Polaroid, Body Shop International, and Bank of America.

* Some of its international environmental members are Green Seal, the Sierra Club, Valdez Society of Japan, Earth Island Institute, the International Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture and the Worldwide Fund for Nature. Some of its social investment members’ include the United States Trust Company of Boston, Harrington Investments, Parnassus Fund, Social Responsibility Investment Group, Calvert Social Investment Fund and Foundation, and the Presbyterian Church.

* The issues which CERES primarily deals with are:

Clean Trillion– In order to limit the rate of Global Warming to 2 degree Celsius and fight the devastation due to climate change, investments of $1 trillion is required for 36 continuous years. If investors, policymakers and business conglomerates work in solidarity, this issue can be contained.

Carbon Asset Risk– World’s largest fossil fuel burning companies need to come forward and collaborate in order to reduce the risks of exceedingly increasing carbon in the ecosystem.

Fossil fuel companies need to transform their methods to prevent environmental catastrophe by reducing their value and decreasing global demand.

Climate Change– Every business firm has to address the problems related to Climate Change. The Investor Network on Climate Risk, a 117 member body with total assets more than $13 trillion are providing leadership over investments, corporate sustainability, investment education and collaboration over climate risks. Some of the major initiatives are deforestation free commodity trading and clean energy investment.

Energy– Neither changed or destroyed, change in forms of energy are expensive when it is about the renewable forms. The consortium of companies, investors and power sectors have come close to increase energy efficiency, proliferate use of renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Water– Not just a basic necessity but the cradle of life, water pollution needs to be curbed and potable water has to be protected for a safe future. Limited availability of water for huge population is a major challenge. The infrastructure building and landscaping should be done in synchronization with water resources.

Supply Chains– With a rapidly enlarging population and ever-growing demand, various sectors are facing stressful work conditions. The supply chain system needs to be revamped in close coordination with the Millennium Development Goals, worker rights need to be maintained, factory management assessment needs to be done, and these human rights priorities need to be implemented.

The main CERES principles are:

* Protection of the Biosphere

* Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

* Reduction and disposal of wastes

* Energy Conservation

* Risk Reduction

* Safe Products and Services

* Environmental Restoration

* Informing the Public

* Management Committee

* Audits and Reports

Transparency and sustainability disclosure is another important issue, that needs proactive engagements and time-bound targets.

CERES has received #11 rank on GLOBAL GENEVA’s Top 500 NGOs, top rating from Charity Navigator, Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, Zayed Future Energy Prize, Top NGO working on Climate Change, American Association Award, and Global Green USA’s Organizational Design Award.



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