10 Things to do before you turn 25.


Attaining 25 is the major milestone in our lives. We may have gone through a lot of chaos, bad-decision-making and probably had a couple of break-ups. It’s time to clear the mess and push ourselves beyond the comfort zones to another quarter happily.

It’s Time to enjoy our life because life is not a rehearsal. Try  these 10 things to do before you turn 25 to  have a whole new experience.

1. Do Something That Scares You :   It doesn’t matter what your age is , You should do whatever scares you. This tops the list because it’s very important to conquer your fears. If you are scared of water sports even at 25, It time to enroll for a Scuba-diving course. Do it now, because you can and because it will make you stronger.

Guys do you remember Hrithik Roshan in ” Zindagi Milegi Dobara “, He faced his fear and got a  sexy girlfriend. Maybe the same thing happens to you.



2.Try a New Sport :It’s time to make ourselves fit by imbibing a new a sport in our life. There are many activities like you can sign up for a Marathon, try for skydiving, check a water sport.Do anything that brings joy.

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3.Travel Alone : This may be scary at first but this is one of the most liberating experiences you can have.You will meet inspiring people, make new friends and you may find yourself. With very few attachments and responsibilities, it’s easy to travel the globe.



4. Learn to Cook :  This is an important skill you must master and satisfy  your tantalizing buds by yourself. This may useful when you move abroad alone.



5.Learn to Play an Instrument :  Music is the perfect entertainer and learning this skill  boosts your confidence and self- esteem. It stimulates the neurons in the brain to learn something new.



6. Learn a New Language :  Maybe you gone a stuck in a city where language is a barrier and only use  a handful of gestures to communicate. Learning new language improves your knowledge and helps you to move beyond your horizons.



7. Work for a Charitable organization :

Find your cause to serve fellow beings like helping elderly persons,disabled people. Have your own purpose and bring the philanthropic phase in your life.

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8.Watch some inspirational movies : Yes, Movies play an important part in our life because they are the motivational food with which we can have to push harder to attain our goal. Watch Inspiring movies to learn how great people surmounted their problems to attain great heights in life.




9.Start a Collection :  Start with a collection of your choice maybe it is Stamps, currency,photographs and whatever. This teaches you how to get better in life and you will have a pile of collectibles and open up a museum.



10.Work for Someone You Admire : Work for a person who you think successful or whom you want to be. present  yourself near them and learn everything  from them. Doing this you  will get the wheels turning and tap into new synapses in your brain. If you’re lucky, it may give you your big idea, but if not, it will give you some of the skills you need to achieve your big idea, which is very big in and of itself.


So, Try to Do these 10 Things to do before you turn 25. Hurry up. Time is Chasing you.

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