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10 Strongest Magical Creatures in Harry Potter.


The magic of Harry Potter is endless. It’s like the famous dialogue of Severus Snape “Always.” Everyone loves every aspect of the book series and movie parts. However, one of the best aspects is the magical creatures. Did you know that there is a textbook of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them? Well, now, you know. Rowling wrote a book as well. Talking about magical creatures, here is the list of 10 strongest magical creatures in Harry Potter.

10. Thestrals:

These are black-winged horses with a black skeletal body and white eyes. They are seen only by those who have seen death. Eerie right? However, they aren’t a bad omen they are good creatures with an excellent sense of knowledge and Thestrals are the animals which draw Hogwarts carriage.

9. Gaint:

Thanks to Hagrid, he showed us the right side of the giant. One must not forget his half-brother Grawp who did showcase a degree of restraint when taught regularly.

8. Hidebehind:

This vicious cycle results from accidental breeding between a ghoul and a Demiguise, two powerful creatures. As a result, Hide behind can shapeshift like a boggart. However, it is more powerful. Hence, it can easily hide behind anything. That’s the reason for its unique name.

7. Dementor:

Every Potterhead got chills one or other time when Dementors have been in the picture. These soul-sucking creatures can leave a human in a worse state than death. Imagine having no soul, just a body. That’s why Dumbledore vouched against them.

6. Pheonix:

Not all-powerful creatures are monsters. The Pheonix is one of the most beautiful magical creatures. Dumbledore petted the golden-red bird, and Harry Potter had its tail feather in his wand.

5. Acromatula:

Are you scared of spiders? No, well you will surely be if you face a giant 8 feet long spider named Acromatula. PS. They eat humans. Well, what can one say? Beware of them.

4. Thunderbirds:

These two are reasonable creatures, distant relatives of Pheonix. They are larger, and they can raise storms. Its sounds bad, I know. But if you have seen Fantastic Beasts, you will realise that it is not such a bad thing. They can take commands.

3. Dragon:

How can one possibly miss a dragon from this list? Even those who haven’t seen or been near a Harry Potter book will know about a dragon. It is quite famous in the muggle world. It is as dangerous as they tell you.

2. Basilisk:

What’s more dangerous than a dragon, you ask? How about a poisonous serpent that kills you immediately if you directly look into his eye? Positively horrific. Basilisk too are a result of accidents. In this case, a Basilisk is born when a toad or serpent egg hatches under a hen. They can live for 1000 years.

1. Nundu:

What’s more dangerous than a basilisk, you ask? A magical lion-like feline creature, which takes 100 wizards to control. Muggles don’t stand a chance. Harry Potter defeated a basilisk at 12. 10 people can retain a dragon. They can breathe potent toxins in the air that can kill entire villages. That is the reason why Nundus in on top.

So this is the list of 10 strongest magical creatures in Harry Potter. Would you like to pet one? If yes, which one?



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