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10 Smart ways to use your Smartphone Camera !!



The first thing most of us consider while buying a Smartphone is how good is it’s camera!

We capture Moments, Photographs… Times in time which never will change because w just clicked a 4×6 Portrait of it.
Selfies are endless and Boomerangs are always fun!

However it can be used for much important tips and hacks!
Here is a list of 10 Smart ways, tips and hacks to make the most use your smartphone camera!


#1 The Menu


Ever had a friend who’s always late to dinner parties? Howmuchever You love that friend, it holds you back and the dinner gets even morel late.
Or maybe your friend is riding a cab that’s stuck in traffic… or the Subway just got late.

At such times use your smartphone camera to click a picture of the menu. WhatsApp it to your friend and let them choose. Place the order… they’ll get there by then… and time saved!


#2 Medicines

Even though we take prescription papers each time we visit the doctor… we sometimes forget. Or we go to buy medicines for someone else and we can’t remember the exact name.
In such cases you can use your smartphone camera to click a picture of all the required or prescribed medicines. It’ll help you to clearly tell the doctor or the pharmacist what your medicines are in case you forget!


#3 Plants and Flowers


You visit a friend’s house and see this particularly beautiful flower in their garden. You even discuss it with them and decide you’ll get it for your garden as well.
But as soon as you reach the plant nursery. POOF! You can’t remember what the name was…
now, you can just call us your friend and ask. But let’s not look stupid and be independent shall we?
You can and should use your smartphone camera to click a picture of thee flower. That way you can show it to your gardener and they may recognise it!


#4 “You are here” @ Malls


Once I visited this mall in a metro city… and it was super huge. I was particularly searching for this one store and as I couldn’t find it I headed to the panel to pick up a mall map. Just then, my friend…who lived in that city called… She said—don’t take a pamphlet; instead she whatsapp-ed me the photos of the map of the mall she had on her phone! (No I don’t find it weird: P)

this way I avoided using the pamphlet indirectly becoming an environmentalist in my own way!
You can use your smartphone camera in this way… or you can even Use it for train platforms and amusement parks. (We really need it in Amusement parks.)

#5 Outfits


First and foremost, Make sure the store lets you take pictures inside.
If yes, You can use your smartphone camera to take pictures of the dresses and shirts you try on (not just to take selfies with the best dress!! :P )
This way you know How Good (Or bad) it looks on you…How it looks through a camera lens…
you could even forward it to your friend, the go-to-fashion expert (Come on Everyone has one!)
Asking Him/Her which outfit you should buy.

#6 Documents


You can use your smartphone camera to take pictures of important documents like Driver’s License, Pan Cards, and ID cards. This way you have those handy anytime required and you don’t have to carry originals.

#7 Paperwork

You can use your smartphone camera to take pictures of other documents as well. In the past decade, the time of running around to take photocopies of question papers and notes just before the day of the exam has faded. Now, it’s a quick snap and it can reach hundreds in a jiffy.

(Another reason that saves paper wasted on Photocopies)


#8 Websites and One time Passwords

Sometimes we have to write down a onetime password before we go on to the next web-page where we have to enter it.

Or even coupon codes. Why write it down when you can use your smartphone camera to take pictures of it.


#9 Billboards on the highway


While travelling or at time when we have to 1—either to take a picture quickly or 2—take multiple images.

Don’t waste time going to every place and taking a click. Take a video instead… and then take screenshots from the video later.

#10 License plates and Bills


This one is for the forgetful friends reading this article.

You can use your smartphone camera to take pictures of numbers… such as license plates… Bills, coupons, Challans, Important papers you’ve submitted to authorities.

You can use your smartphone camera to take pictures of rough evaluations and estimations you make and throw away the rough page… That way you never ever have to fear the risk of losing something important.


So these were 10 important ways we think you can use your smartphone camera smartly!

Do you have more such smart ideas?

Leave us those and some love in the comments below!



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