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10 simple ways to fight your bad mood easily


Often when someone is in a really bad mood, they often do not understand how to deal with it and how to come out with it. It is understandable that it is a time when many of the people get stressed and go through a lot of bad times. But it is important to leave such sad thoughts and do something that can boost up your mood and get you back to life.


Here are some of the most common things that you can do in order to boost your mood from a bad mood to a good one.

Try out different food outside

When you are not in a good food, you will often not have the mood to eat anything also. If you are hungry also, still you will not feel like cooking your favorite food items or dishes all by yourself.

You must have noticed that often when you have a bad mood, your mom must have cooked a dish that is your favorite. This is all to boost up your mood. The taste buds are very much connected to the mood swings and hence enjoying something tasty can improve your bad mood.

If you are staying alone, then you can visit some restaurants or food joints and try some new dishes that you have never tasted before. This will divert your mind, and the taste buds will also help you in changing your mood.

Have a view of natural scenes

Just as taste buds, your eyes also can help you in boosting up your mood. The best way is to visit somewhere that has an open natural view of landscaping.

Indulge yourself in taking some photographs of the same and you will see an automatic change in your mood. You bad mood will transform into something serene and calm. If you are away from such natural landscaping, then you can also swipe through various images of such natural beauty such as the sun rising or setting on the mountains, sea waves touching the shore and many others.

Working out

You must have noticed that many people work out more when they are angry or in a bad mood. This is also a great way to change your mood. When you work out more, you obviously get tired more. If you get tired more, your whole body including your mind is in need of rest. So, automatically, your mind will stop thinking about the incident or the matter that has led you to the bad mood. You will feel to sleep, so, go to sleep, and after you wake up, you can notice the change in your mood status.

Drinking tea

It has been noticed that things done for pleasure such as drinking tea are always a good way to boost up your mood. Also, it has been found by many researchers that people who drink tea are 41% less prone to depression who do not consume tea.

This is due to the two compounds, L-theanine and catechins that are found in tea. These are the elements that are known to give you instant feel good feeling. So, next time when you are upset, try drinking a strong cup of tea.

Doing things at which you are best

You should do something at which you are best, that is your hobbies. Your hobbies are the best thing that can take you out of a bad mood. Try some new things in your activities, or try to do some experimenting that will help in keeping away the negative mood from you.

You can do anything that you are good at such as dancing, singing, painting, cooking, playing, reading books or even cracking jokes at others.

Write out

Now this is something that actually works. It is said that if you have a bad mood and if you discuss it with someone then half of your negative mood is gone. But what happens to the other half?

This is because there are always some secrets and hidden feelings in a person that he or she does not discuss with others. Hence, only half of the mood can be recovered while the other half remains the same. In this case, the best possible way can be to write out your feelings. You can write your feelings in a personal place that you do not wish to share with others. When you are out of all the negative thoughts, your mood will slowly boost up.

Dance it out

This may seem a bit childish, but it actually works in many cases. Similar to how a workout can help you in boosting your mood, dancing can also work in the same way. When you are dancing, your mind along with your body also gets tired. This fatigue only helps you in getting rest and sleep that changed your mood from bad to good.

Reaching out

It is always a better way to solve the problem from the root. If your mood is off because you had a fight with your best friend or your partner, then the best way will be to reach out, talk about the fight face to face and close the matter.

There cannot be an easier, ideal and faster way to boost your mood up than this way. Also, this is a genuine way where you can sort out the problem forever.

Imagining yourself

Often when someone is sad, they tend to demotivate themselves. Never do this. When you are upset, try to think all positive sides of yourself, and you will see that you will actually feel good.

Just sit for 5 minutes and concentrate on how good you are, all the negative moods will be out of your mind in these 5 minutes.

Thinking faster

This is what many people may have suggested you and many people actually follow, staying busy. If you are doing all your work fast, such as reading a book fast, completing all your work fast, you will be busy in your work, and you will not get the time think about your bad mood.



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