10 signs that can prove that you and your partner are having serious relationship


There was a time almost 30-40 years back when relationships were made only when you and your partner have the thinking of marrying each other in your minds. And if you had physical intimacy, then of course the result has to be marriage only. Some marriages may last a lifetime, and some unfortunate marriages may die out due to incompatible reasons. But with the changing time, the thinking and concepts have also changed now. People now do not wish to make the mistake of settling on the person he or she has fallen in love with at first sight.

Whether you are a boy or a girl, it is not necessary that you will have to marry the person you are dating around. Today people go around with different people to check and confirm about which with he or she can be actually compatible at all levels. But still in today’s world there exists some people are belong to that old traditions and for them it is important to know whether you are in a serious relationship or not.

Here are some signs explained that can let you know that you are actually in a serious relationship with your partner and not just dating.

Spending time

If you are in a serious relationship, it is natural that you and your partner will talk to each other a lot and will be spending a lot of time with each other. It is needed to talk a lot so that you both can know more and more about each other. You may spend some amazing time together such after the busy scheduled weekdays you both may spend the whole o weekend together.

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Knowing each other well

When you are spending maximum time with each other and also talking over the phone, you come across a number of things about each other. Not just only about the official or general talks but you also get to know about each other’s important issues of life and also the intimate portions of each other’s life. This will help in making your bond of relationship even stronger than before.


Officially declaring your relationship

If you and your partner are serious in your relationship, you will not claim your relationship to be a friendship. You will be declaring it as an official boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. While you are out for shopping, or dinners or movies or anywhere else, you will be addressing your partner as your boyfriend or your girlfriend each time.

Saying I Love You

Now this is the most important thing that can justify your relationship in real terms. If you or your partner is not just flirting around, then saying the terms, I Love You has to be in a serious way. Normally today, as per the trend, anyone says this term to anybody, without even thinking at times. It is important that if you are I a serious relationship then you should say these words in such way that can make it important such as with a vow or at a special place with some special activity.


Introducing each other

If you are in a serious relationship, then the next level of your relationship has to be introducing each other in your family and also some of the close friends. If you are in a relationship for quite a good time of say almost a year or so and still you have not met your partner’s family members or even any of his or her, close friends, then it is necessary that you should give it a second thought whether your partner is serious about the relationship or not.

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The comfort zone

A relationship can be said to be a serious term only if you and your partner are comfortable with each other in all terms. The relationship is moving on a serious note only if you do not have to hide your faults or bad habits from each other. You can be what you are also in front of him or her. You do not have to flaunt your fake looks every time to make him or her happy. If your partner is ready to accept you the way you are, then definitely it is a serious relationship that you should take to a new level.


Commitment and Loyalty

Once you have entered in this serious relationship of commitments, then there are a number of things that you must have to take care of. If you and your partner are committed to each other, then, you both will not be thinking about any other option. If you and your partner is maintaining this dignity in the relationship and are only giving time dedicatedly to each other only then this is actually a serious relationship without any kind of further doubt.


Resolving a major conflict

The strength of the relationship and the compatibility of you and partners shows up only when you have some conflict in between that you guys have resolved well. Often many relationships end up on some small and silly issues also. But even if a big issue to not able to break you both apart and you both have resolved it properly, then also you have a serious relationship.

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Future conversation

Only people involved in a serious relationship will talk about their future planning. This is because if you are in a serious relationship, then only you will be planning to take your relationship to the next level for which you need to plan.


The growing connection

In a serious relationship, you and your partner will explore new things about each other every alternate day. Some may be good while a few may be not good. But if, with these closing gaps, you both are getting attached to each other emotionally stronger and stronger each day, then this is a serious relationship.


Experts have stated these 10 points base on which it can be stated that whether a relationship is serious or not. It is said that among these 10 points if 8 points are also there in a relationship, then it can be stated as a serious one and not just a casual dating.