10 Reel Life Pairings Who Actually Hated Each Other In Real Life


The first thing that we seek in a movie is its chemistry between the lead hero and the actress. And, most movies, especially the classics, seemingly provide that to us. We cherish their love story and think about the couple’s golden love life.

However, what we miss out on is the off-screen compatibility of both the stars. Yes, there have been many instances where actors and actresses have fought with each other off-screen right before wearing the mask and making love to each other on screen.

So, let us take a look at some of the on screen couples who were actually off-screen haters. There are some interesting names in it; and you will be surprised to know about them all.

  • Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling c937dcf729d1d079_105310433_10.preview_tall

The movie was called the Notebook, and it was one of the classical romantic movies of the year 2004. In fact many people, till data, adore the movie and watch it every time it comes on the screen. The movie was particularly famous for portraying the chemistry and love between lead actors Gosling and McAdams. However, behind the cameras, the story was something different. It was argument after argument and loathing after loathing. Such was the issues that even the director of the movie had to admit in a TV interview that there was constant tension between the pair.

However, most had understood that the tension between them had a deeper meaning, even though they fought on the sets, they later went on and became good friends and love partners too. So were they acting behind the scenes too? We’d never know! Maybe they were inspired by their characters Noah and Allie.

  • Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan glamour_fifty-shades-of-play-with-dakota-johnson-and-jamie-dornan

The movie’s name was 50 Shades of Grey, and boy it was hell of a ride. The movie made all the noises about being the next best erotic-romantic movie of our lifetime. And, if you go by reviews and box office collections you will not doubt about it one bit. The pairing of Dornan and Johnson was literally amalgamated although out the movie; and both of them won many accolades thanks to the bold portrayal of their respective characters. However, while they were sizzling in between the sheets, there were tensions off it. Everything was hyper and furious and not at all like the movie!

  • Teri Hatcher and Pierce Brosnan 9isnNifyCpml

During the shoot of Tomorrow Never Dies; Mr.Bond was never happy working with the pretty Hatcher. It was alleged that Brosnan was always unhappy about Hatcher being late on the sets. Brosnan also displayed his frustration multiple times verbally. However later on it was discovered that Hatcher was actually pregnant during the time and hence truce was announced (hopefully) between the actors.

  • Claire Danes and Leonardo di Caprio download (7)

It was Homeland versus Mr. Versatile at the sets of Romeo and Juliet in the year 1996. Leo, as we know, loves to play the joker on the sets; but Danes did not approve this. In return Leo did not like Danes’ conservative and reserved attitude. All in all, both never spoke when the cameras weren’t rolling and the off-screen tension was always present between them all throughout making of the movie. Good thing that both are 2 exceptional actors!

  • Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte b0389727bdf1379807adfadd9955d13e_600x400

The scene was set and the movie was I Love Trouble from the year 1994. But thanks to the tension between the lead actors Nolte and Roberts, the romedy movie turned into a disaster or a catastrophe. Both actors hated each other and that hatred reflected on their on-screen chemistry too. Later on, both the superstars described each other as “bad” and “hard to work with”. Good thing they did not sign in for any other movie!

  • Sharon Stone and William Baldwin download (8)

The 1993 thriller movie Silver was all about deception, bad script and off screen tension between the 2 lead actors. It was alleged that Stone was the culprit here as she “played” Baldwin and “tortured” him during the making of the movie. The infamous tongue biting story between the 2 also fuelled up the speculation.

  • Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze 424148-024445-dirty-dancing-patrick-swayze-6800525-jpg

The movie was Dirty Dancing shot in the year 1987. Both Swayze and Grey were not the best of friends before the movie had even begun. Swayze, in his biography, revealed that the pairing had friction due the actress’ regular tantrums and emotional outbursts. However, later on, everything was forgotten and both become friends.

  • Debra Winger and Richard Gere Richard+Gere+Debra+Winger+Closing+Ceremony+8s4VpI4P3zml

During the shooting of the movie An Officer and a Gentleman (made in the year 1982), actress Winger consistently reiterated her disliking towards Gere. She just did not want to make the movie with him. However, both the actors had a very good on screen compatibility; hence all of it was forgotten quickly by the fans.

  • Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis slih_01

During the shoot of Some Like It Hot (1959), Curtis was once asked about his emotional state of mind when he was kissed Monroe during a shot. He responded by telling the press that it was just like kissing Hitler. Of course maybe their past history had something to do with it, as both were actually lovers before the movie. Curtis also reiterated that the during the famous “kiss on the yacht” scene, Monroe was all funny and confusing.

  • Shirley MacLaine and Anthony Hopkins Anthony+Hopkins+Shirley+MacLaine+15th+Annual+-8yAHHRoO95l

The movie was called A Change of Seasons, which was made in the year 1980, and both Hopkins and MacLaine were not the best of friends whilst it was being made. Hopkins just hated his co-star and he detested working with her. The problem was enough to disrupt the on screen chemistry between the two actors during the movie. Naturally, the movie did not do well at the box office and subsequently also at the critics’ notebook.

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So there you go, these are some of the famous off-screen argy-bargies between two lead actors of a movie. However, there might be a few more that are unknown to us, till date.