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10 reasons why you should prefer an iPhone over Android.


The iPhones are here, which means it’s the time when all those Android diehards try to get the world to believe that Apple isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Some might even go so far as to say that Android is better than anything else.

 The truth is that the iPhone is better now and it has always been the superior choice for smartphone users, and not just for the hardware, but for the ecosystem and cohesive experience that you are buying into when you select a shiny new iPhone as your next personal gadget. Here are ten reasons that make the iPhone experience second to none ….

1.iPhones get the Best Apps first.

Apple has one big advantage compared to Android thanks to its App Store. There are loads of amazing apps, by some incredible developers, that simply don’t find their way onto other smartphones. When apps are available on iPhone and Android we still often see a better design on the iPhone version than on Android.iPhone applications are first and better looking. 

iMovie, GarageBand,Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint ,Vesper, Humin are just few of the apps that turn android users green with envy.

2. Fast Software Updates for All.

iPhone, iPad , Mac owners enjoy quick and regular iOS updates for their devices no matter what carrier they use . Android updates take months to arrive on all the devices. After an Android device is 18 months old, you may need to wait for a new Android smartphone to get the latest software. Apple does not allow carriers to hold up the updates. As soon as the update is available from Apple it is available on every carrier.

3. Can’t get better than the Apple Store for Customer support.

Where do you go if you have a problem with your Android phone? For many people, it’s their carrier. But carriers don’t have the same kind of support Apple provides at the Apple Store. If something goes wrong with your iPhone, or you just want to learn how to use it, Apple has you covered. They have various customer centres perpetually ready to help you out with the smallest of problems.

4.No Carrier Added Apps.

There are no extra carrier apps installed on the iPhone when you buy it. On many Android phones, there are a dozen carrier branded apps, and there might be another dozen apps that you will never use but that someone paid the carrier to install.Many times you cannot uninstall these extra apps, only disable them.


This means they still exist on your phone and take up space. This is a small issue in the beginning but after a while when you need more memory, and you cannot delete something you don’t use like maybe VZ Navigator because of Google Maps, it’s a problem.

5.Siri .

Google Now isn’t Siri. It’s a voice search, and that’s it.There isn’t much of a  comparison. Siri is helpful, sarcastic, efficient ,funny all at the same time. Siri still works better than anything else, because there’s nothing better to compare it to. Way to go , Siri .



6.Worth More When You Resell.

The iPhone holds its value better than an Android phone. When you sell an older iPhone, it is easy to find offers of almost double the value of an Android phone that came out at the same time.


Samsung Galaxy S II was released on May 2, 2011 and iPhone 4S was released on October 4, 2011. On Flipkart the exchange rate of a 4S is Rs.5000 where as that of a Galaxy SII is Rs.2000.With better build quality and higher demand on more recent Android devices, this could change, but for now the iPhone still offers a better resale value over time.

7. The Best Touch ID.

Some Android phone makers like Samsung and HTC have tried adding fingerprint sensors to their phones, but none of them are as useful and accurate as the TouchID sensor on the iPhone.A few years ago, Apple bought a company called Authentec that makes the best fingerprint sensors for mobile devices. No one else has been able to beat TouchID since.

There is also more support for using Touch ID to login to apps on the iPhone. It is possible to login to Amazon, LastPass password manager and other apps without a passcode thanks to Touch ID support. Android phones are catching up, but Apple still holds a lead here.

8. Media Availability 

When it comes to media, the iPhone OS wins hands down. It’s not only the brilliant music application, easy podcast and video management, it’s also because of the iTunes store.  The iPhone eco-system with iTunes is just brilliant, even though some people find it a bit restrictive and want a bit more freedom. But in reality it is easily the best out there, with the biggest variety of music, films, tv shows and podcasts all readily available for download to your device.

9. Reliability.

While the more recent builds of Android have become a lot more stable and reliable, they still don’t match iOS 8 or previous iPhone firmwares. The iPhone operating system is just so solid and stable and reliable. It very rarely crashes or freezes up and it’s just straightforward. While Android may be quicker at times, it tends to freeze up a lot more than the iPhone OS.

10.They Look Better.

With a few exceptions like the gorgeous HTC One and Xiaomi Mi Note, there aren’t many great-looking Android phones out there. Many are chunky and plasticky.

The iPhone consistently has a better designs than Android phones.




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