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10 reasons why you should definitely have a dog


Dogs, a man’s best friend. Someone has rightly said this. These furry little creatures make our lives a lot easier and happier. I mean, who wouldn’t like to wake up to an expectant face and wagging tail? Dogs are so cute. Everybody should own dogs. There is not a single dull moment with them, they will do something idiotic and we will crack up with laughter. If we are fast, we might be able to capture it so that it stays with us forever. Dogs, though they have a shorter life-span, fill our lives with so much love. So, kudos to those who already own a dog and for those who don’t, I am pretty sure you will buy one when you read this.

  1. You’ll get to see them grow up. Yup, the entire process. They will grow from a pup to a dog. You will get to capture every moment and form a very strong bond. He or she will be your best friend. pup
  2. They will be by your side no matter what. Whether it is warding off bullies, or celebrating, or sleeping, or eating, this loyal friend will always be by your side. 
  3. They are natural mood boosters. Feeling down after a long day? Just spend sometime with your dog and notice the difference in your mood. Your mood will change (for the good ofcourse) and your dog will love your company. 
  4. They L-O-V-E you. Dogs don’t forget the bond they share with you, what feelings they have towards you, they always remember. They just need you to play with them (and feed them :p), and nothing else. And they will love you for it. 
  5. Help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Yes, it is true and it is backed up by studies which show that having a dog maintains a lower blood pressure. 
  6. Warn you if anything is wrong with you. Dogs are extremely sensitive, they can sense changes in us which we cannot. They can warn us of seizures, different kinds of attacks, even of the things which we are allergic to. 
  7. You will stay fit. This one goes without saying, having a dog will keep you fit. You will run around with them, play with them, take them for a walk. All of these things will keep you fit. 
  8. Great for kids. There are various studies showing this fact. They have shown that babies are healthier with dogs than without them. Dogs have been known to help children with autism. They even help children by protecting them from skin infections! 
  9. Great for recovery. It can be any kind of recovery – stress, PTSD, illness, depression, anything. Just having them hanging around will aid you in recovering quickly. 
  10. Simply because they are the best. They come forward with us in anything, and I mean anything. They love you and will protect you with their life. 

Dogs are simply the best, perhaps the perfect thing God has created.



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