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10 Reasons Why Sarojini Nagar Market is Every Girl’s Favorite Galleria!


You like to keep bringing a change in your wardrobe but you are not willing to be too harsh on your pocket, you love to purchase something different and you can compromise on the quality a bit, you wear a piece of cloth not more than three times and discard it, then Sarojini Nagar Market is certainly the right place for you. This is one market which will make you feel good even after you shop and return home to empty your shopping bags! It is one of Delhi’s biggest and most important market and a destination for every girl who’s out in a hunt for trendy and most fashionable clothes, shoes, designer bags, classy neckpieces and fashion jewellery! When emptiness strikes the wardrobe, every Delhi girl hunts Sarojini Market. Sarojini Nagar never disappoints.

Here is a list which proves why Sarojini Nagar is the best place to shop –

1. You get Zara and Mango apparel at one-fourth its original price.


Yes, you heard it right! Sarojini Nagar has both export surplus garments as well as rejected export clothing, so you find branded clothes at extremely cheap rates. Sarojini Nagar is a paradise. It is an export surplus bazaar which sells chic apparel at very cheap prices.


2. From handcuffs to classy neckpieces to beautiful earrings, hair accessories, Sarojini promises everything.

It is always a win-win situation for the jewellery junkies. You want a bunch of earrings and neckpieces at the lowest rate possible price? Head to Sarojini Nagar, the market promises you fanciest handcuffs, neckpieces and earrings! Hair accessories are the new fashion statement for girls and Sarojini Nagar is a treasure chest filled to brim with them.


3. Slings, totes, clutches – you just can’t resist.

You get the best kinds of bags here, from clutches, totes, slings, you are going to love it all.


4. Shoes here, Shoes there, Shoes everywhere!

To the north is a row of shops selling footwear of every make, price range, color and style. Just walk in, try them out and get yourself a pair of sandals or shoes.


5. Beautiful hurricane lamps, kerosene and gas lamps.

The main highlight of this market is the presence of the street-side vendors. They light up the area with hurricane lamps, kerosene and gas lamps towards evening, which adds further to the beauty of Sarojini Market.


6. Trendiest clothes – Sarojini promises mind blowing variety of cuts, styles and colors.

Looking for the latest fashion trends? Sarojini is the best place to get a mind boggling variety of cuts, styles and colors.


7. Humorous and entertaining vendors – you get to see it here.

Many of them are very creative and humorous. They sing sons, concoct rhymes and limericks, imitate heroes and villains of Bollywood thrillers and generally bring some comic relief to the over crowded atmosphere.


8. You can shop at Sarojini with your college money and still have some to spare.

A 1000 rupee note is enough if tops are just what you have to buy. You will get tops for not more than 300 (average is 150-200, 400 is the maximum limit if it’s worthy enough to pop your eyes out and ofcourse that of the onlookers), dresses for an average are of 300. You don’t have to worry about your savings at all!


9. It is the best place to test you bargaining skills.

Put your bid as low as 50% of the shopkeeper’s bid and they’ll agree! Go head and bargain with gusto.


10. After spending hours all the time shopping, Sarojini also has great food to binge on!

There are many unhygienic eating joints inside the market and if you want to avoid them, head on to DLF square, right next to the market, you have options like Mc Donald’s, haldiram’s, Subway, Dominos Pizza, flaming work, etc!



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