10 reasons of why sex is good for your health


People often consider sex to be a pleasure and something that has no other benefit apart from intimacy. But in real, experts say that sex is, in fact, an exercise that is beneficial for the entire body. When you go for exercising in the gym or working out somewhere else, you have to choose different styles for different parts of your body. But while you are having sex, you will be surprised to know that you actually exercise many parts of your external as well as internal body parts all at a time. This is the reason that it is stated and noticed that people involved in sex on regular basis are likely to stay fit and for longer years than the people who are not.

Though in general it can be said that while having sex you are involved into exercising of your nervous, circulatory and muscular system, but there are many specific reasons also that can state its benefits for your healthy living.

Prevention of heart attack

It is noticed that people having sex thrice a week have a very good heart condition and are away from heart attacks and strokes. The reason is that when you are having sex, your body releases a hormone knows as oxytocin and also more blood moves through your blood vessels. This helps in keeping your circulatory system and your heart healthy for a pretty long time.


Prevents stress and high blood pressure

As mentioned above, while having sex your body releases oxytocin and also helps blood to flow smoothly through the blood vessels. Oxytocin is a feel good hormone that helps you in mending your stress level. Also, when you have your circulatory system in good condition, so, obviously you will not have situations like high blood pressure and others.

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Prevents depression

It is universally known that while having sex you should always carry preventions such as condom. But as per experts it has been noticed that women having sex without such precautions are less prone to symptoms like depression. This is because semen has a hormone called prostaglandin that enters the vagina and works as an anti-depression. But obviously it does not mean that people should stop using precautions.


Preventing osteoporosis

Do you know that sex, apart from benefitting your circulatory, nervous and muscular system, also benefits your skeleton system? It has been studies that people who are having regular sex have higher levels of testosterone in their body in comparison to others. This hormone helps in keeping problems related to bones away such as the osteoporosis.


Preventing cold and flu

It has been studied and explained that people who have regular sex at least thrice a week, are more immune to various diseases like cold and flu. This is because sex increases the immune hormone like immunoglobulin in your body much higher than the other people. This is an antibody that fights against the bacteria of various diseases that enters your body and hence keeps your away from various diseases.


Preventing prostate cancer

Nowadays the chances of prostate cancer in men have increased in comparison to past times. According to a research, the best way to prevent this disease is through regular sex. Mainly it has been stated that it is not actually necessary to have sex in this case. Rather men who can ejaculate more often say about 20-21 times a month also, can stay away from the disease of prostate cancer.

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Prevents headache

When you are having sex your body releases actually a number of hormones that are beneficial for your health. Endorphins are also one such hormone that is releases when you are having sex. These are natural pain killers and can help you in getting comfort from a number of situations such as headache, cramps and any other pain in the body. Also various other hormones such as the oestrogen in a woman’s body can help her in getting reduces amount of abdomen pain that she gets during her period cycles.


Improving sleep

Sleep is a common problem that people are having these days. Due to irregular life style and lots of work and family pressure, many people tend to spend sleepless nights at times. Often when you go to doctor with this problem you are prescribed with some medicines such as sleeping pills. But these pills may get you sleep but the only side effect is that you may get addicted to it and then this can arise a lot of trouble later on. It has been prescribed to many people by experts that having regular sex can resolve this problem of sleepless nights. The hormone oxytocin produced while having sex helps you in getting good sleep without any trouble. Quite obvious, when you have a good night sleep, your body and mind also gets relaxed, ultimately giving you a fresh morning the next day.


Staying fit

It is not that you should leave exercising and have sex all the time, but this fact also cannot be denied that sex does almost the same work that workouts do for you. When you workout treacherously on your treadmill for 15 minutes, you are likely to lose about 835 kilojoules of calories. Now you can also lose the same amount of calories by having sex for about 30 minutes. Again, when you are running your pulse rate increases from 70 to 150, increasing your blood flow. The same increase in pulse rate can be noticed while you have having sex.

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Preventing incontinence

People may not wish to talk about it but when you are having workouts for each and every part of your body, then obviously it is needed to have workout for your private parts also. When you are having sex, it is more of an exercise for your pelvic muscles, and this can help in reducing incontinence.


Thus, it can be said that sex is an amazing way to stay fit with pleasure. It can be understood that today’s hectic work schedule is such that people get very tired at the end of the day. But if the married couples can have regular sex at least twice or thrice a day, it can help them in staying fit and away from a number of health issues in future.