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10 reasons why you absolutely hate Monday


Whether you are a student or a working professional, this thing is quite common in all, that Mondays are absolutely hated. One of the major reasons of hating Mondays is quite obvious that it comes after a long weekend and people take time to leave the holiday mood and enter the work mood. But apart from this particular reason it has been proven that there are a number of other reasons also that makes Mondays hated by maximum people.

Hate Monday

Here are some of the most obvious reasons that make you hate Monday every week and it seems like a torture for you.

The end of weekend

Quite obvious you wait for the long weekends so that you can relax, enjoy with your friends and do all sorts of the works that you can do during the hectic schedules of the week days. But again when the weekends arrive and then they get over just in a blink of your eyes, this is the time when you get upset. You are still in the mood of relaxing and having parties, but your mood in interrupted by the Mondays and this is the major reason why maximum people hate it.

Things have to be disciplined again

On weekends you have the freedom of getting up late from bed, of being lazy, and of doing whatever you feel like doing out against the normal schedule. But when Monday arrives, again you have to get up on the sick tinkling of the alarm and have to do everything in time so that you can reach your office or school at proper time. You have to get early, have to do things fast and have to leave home early so that you do not get late on the first day of the week.

You cannot change things

Even you wish to throw away the alarm clock from your side and sleep for some more, but you cannot, because you have this thing in your mind that you will get late. Even if you do this and get up late, then of course you have to face the consequences. Either you will get late or you may also miss your office or school for that day. In either of the cases, you may have to suffer a good lecture session and other things from your boss or teachers.

Everything seems to get messed up

This is a very common thing that after a long weekend, you seem to be so relaxed that often you forget to keep all your necessary items at the right place. Hence, the next day, that is Monday, you land up searching up your things such as your socks, your tie, your watch or even sometimes your lingerie. This happens when you get relaxed on Sunday night and you must have thought that you will do it on Monday. But ultimately when you get up on Monday morning, you get messed up with everything.

Thinking of food

One of the most important things that are required is food. When you are enjoying weekends, you are not concerned about food on time. You can get up late and then can cook food as you need and on your own time. But on Mondays, the situation is different. You have get up early in the morning, do all your household things fast and then also have to cook your breakfast or lunch so that you do not have to go to your office hungry.

Taking bath

During winter morning, you never ever think of taking bath early in the morning. But when you have to wake up and go to the office or school, you also have to take bath early in the morning. Especially on Mondays it becomes difficult because till Sunday you must have taken your bath late in the afternoon with your comfort but this is again Monday and you have to again take bath early in the morning so that you can make your preparations to get ready and go for your work.

You get late

It is quite common that often you will get late on Mondays for your office. When you are there on the road for your office or school, it seems that almost all the people are in the same situation in which you are. This is the reason a huge traffic jam is often faced that makes your condition even more sickening. Ultimately you get late for your school or office and you have to face a lot of difficulties.

Have to work like a dog

After so much of relaxation during the weekends, this is the day of week, when you have to come back to the normal hectic schedule. So, obviously the very first day after such a lovely weekend has to be such that is very much hectic. Even a little work seems to be a huge thing and this is the reason you may think that you are working like a dog after the relaxing weekend. Of course if you have a lot of things to do, then you are surely screwed up and you feel that why Monday did came.

Mistake of leaving work on Friday

It is quite obvious that you must have left some of the work on Friday because you wanted to enjoy the weekend and you thought that you will complete the work on Monday. But this can prove to be a real mistake for you on Monday morning. This is the time when you feeling like cursing yourself for doing such a mistake.

Weekend is more 5 days to go

When you reach your office or school and you are messed up with so much of pressure and work, the first thing that comes in your mind is the happy moments that you had on your weekends. Finally, you start imagining that when the next weekend is coming. It becomes more pathetic when you see that the next weekend is 5 days away and this is the saddest time of your life and you start hating Monday.



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