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10 quick tricks to woo your girl just like that!


Many young men, both married and unmarried give their best to grab the attention of their beloved girls. Some succeed while some get ridiculed. More often than not, many boys express their infatuation to their beloved girls and expect a bed of roses. However, it turns out to be a path of thorns! Wooing a girl is undoubtedly a dernier cri. It is never a pushover. Your approach to love life should be fuel driven by a tight technique and the flexibility of methods underlined by quick tricks. One has to understand her emotions, intentions and proceed accordingly. Mission impossible? No! Here are a few quick tricks to woo your girl just like that:

  1. Spend quality time with her:

To exchange ideologies and share perspectives on different things, spending quality time with her is must. Let me dispel a myth- Many boys try to play hard on girls by ignoring their presence. This never works in the affirmative. It is like taking a dip in icy water. So, do away with any preconceived notions and undesirable myths. Try to win her soul with some soul searching conversation. Don’t behave like a brat but don the role of a doyen of love! If you are unable to meet her daily, try to exchange a few words of love over the phone.


  1. Compliments:

Girls accept compliments with a smile. Make her feel that she is special and different from the other girls. Do only the needful and do not overdo. Most boys try to flirt. Flirting is admissible to a certain extent. Once it transcends the threshold, it may work on the rebound. Compliment her now and then and bring smiles on her face. Take photographs. If you succeed in creating Eureka moments, you are almost half done with the task…….:)

  1. Be honest with her:

More often than not, boys in the pursuit of wooing their beloved girls try to be chivalrous. Remember, chivalry should be an intrinsic part of life. It should never disappear in the absence of your girl. So, inculcate the virtue of extending a hand or donating some food or money to the needy. There is something more than it meets eye- Girls like boys who are chivalrous! So, a definite way of winning the heart of your lady love is by being chivalrous both in letter and spirit, policy and execution. Remember- It is really distressing for a girl to see her man with an unhelpful by standing attitude.

  1. Convey your best wishes:

Always convey your best wishes whenever there are any special occasions. For example, you should be the first guy on the earth to wish her on her birthday. Well, it is indeed a promising gambit to remind her of your presence. Do text her frequently. Engage in frivolous discussions at nights. Add a dash of romance to your texts or messages. Needless to say, you will have the final say. So, score the winner by texting her “Sweet dreams. Have a good night” message.

  1. Dress to kill:

Well, not many boys understand the importance of dressing. Dress to incorporate a mélange of placid disposition and effortless grace. Let your girl go gaga over you. So, all in all, wisdom in words and hero in deeds should be your motto. Comprehend the finer distinctions of grooming yourself. Let your girl feel that she made the right choice by ignoring the other boys and acknowledging you. Don’t prove her wrong! Maintain the same winning momentum in every walk of your life. Stay cheerful.

  1. Be the nicest guy:

To win her heart, be the most reliable and trustworthy guy. Remember- trustworthiness is an asset. It allows any blue blooded guy to see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible. So, respect her opinions and be trustworthy. Rise to the occasion when she accosts you for a help. Do not throw in the towel! Acts of cowardice make no sense.

  1. Be candid:

Do not pout over what you can’t change. Set out on a journey towards the destination of ruling her heart by expressing your opinions. Hide nothing from her. Experience the adrenaline surge that evinces a state of supreme beatitude. If you stay candid and honest with her, she will simulate and accept your lifestyle. So shun any existing vices and open up. Unleash the dramatic culmination of long held aspirations.

  1. Be unpredictable:

Girls like surprises. So, surprise them often by indulging in intriguing activities. Ask her for a dinner. But don’t ask her for the place or venue. Master the ability of throwing in more surprises. It is not about fancy food-courts or costly shopping malls, but it is about being unpredictable in every predictable chore.

  1. Get physical and not sexual:

Touch her with no malicious intentions. Do away with any conflicting thoughts and internal discords. Shake hands whenever you meet. Should situations encourage and circumstances permit, hug her. While having tea or coffee, play some trivial games such as rock, paper and scissors. If you are about to decide a venue, strike a chord with her opinions. Hold her hands and lead the way.

  1. Sense of humor:

Girls love fun loving and fun making guys. The tendency to engage in teasing conversations and good natured banter results in a few memorable moments. Let the sense of humor rise to the fore. This is indeed the recipe for success. Be the herald. Ala a phoenix from ashes, find yourself reborn as the prefect man for her. Shower the love, compassion and care on your betrothed.  Let your demeanor signify- Nothing stands in my way!

So, to all the boys out there- Play your cards safe and well. Let your girl know that there is something beautiful beyond friendship. If you wish to take the friendship to a next level with a sincere heart and extraordinary gravitas, do not spin your wheels. Rather hit the iron when it is hot. Religiously follow the aforementioned quick tricks to woo your girl just like that!



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