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10 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand


1. How could you “enjoy” reading?

That’s a day-to-day question hurled at readers, when caught reading silently in a class, corner of room, back seat of a bus, in toilet, while travelling or eating. People are bewildered and perplexed, with the kind of dedication you show to a book you love.

2. Regular interruptions from people

People generally undermine the depth a reader can reach while reading and feel absolutely happy to disturb with their tittle-tattle. According to them reading is, of course, not an engaging activity and anybody can meddle anytime!

3. Lack of sleep cause you just can’t get over the plot

The weird glances you get from your friends, when you reveal the reason behind developing those dark circles. You are only left with one option, let their remarks pass without comments.

4. Sadness after the death of your favorite character

Irrespective of where you are standing/sitting, hysteria grabs you when the protagonist or an important character dies an untimely death. You cry uncontrollably and nobody cares to empathize. They probably think reading has made you a bird-brained wackadoo.

5. Off the mark movie version that everyone else seems to love!

It’s an old story of cramming all that a 1000 page novel has, into a 2 hours movie. The result? Missing out small but critical portion, sometimes parts that you were fond of. Nobody cooperates and you end up hating the movie, alone!

6. The “I don’t read” moment from a good friend

You finally find that one person who shares your thoughts in everything, but then you get to know he disfavour reading and everything seems to come to an end.
7. The urge to go crazy book shopping

While people pounce at the opportunity of season-end sale to buy shoes, dresses, perfume etc., they deter you from entering a book store because according to them, money spent on a novel, is money wasted.

8. Not able to find some “alone time” with your books

People think its rude to leave you alone with just a book, while that’s what you are constantly hinting them to do. While this can get annoying some times, you can also ignore them by reading and they wouldn’t understand your intentions!

9. When people ask about your one favorite author

How can somebody possibly ask a woman to pick just one pair of clothing when she can possess a sea of irresistible clothes! Nobody understands the dilemma of hand-picking that one author who touched your life to the greatest extent.

10. Disclose the end of the story, and you die!

All hell breaks loose if the last part of the book is unceremoniously disclosed. Rage, wrath, distress .The flood of emotions is generally misunderstood as immaturity. The display of rage is generally met with confused faces.

At the end, nobody can stop you from reading relentlessly. That’s what makes you awesome!



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