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10 Popular Markets in India You Must Visit


To meet the demands of over a billion population, markets are quite common in India and in fact, uncountable. But not all of these have gained the popularity and praise which these 10 popular markets in India have.

1. Mall Road, Shimla


You visit Shimla and do not visit the Mall road, not possible! It is one of the busiest commercial areas in the region and was built by the British during the colonial rule in India. With a number of shops, showrooms, restaurants and cafes, Mall road offers its visitors a complete experience of a fully-fledged market. It houses an emporium as well that offers handicraft products of Himachal Pradesh like pottery items, jewellery, woollen cloths etc. Wooden furniture shops are equally famous here. To keep the market free from traffic, entry of vehicles has been banned here barring cycle rickshaws.

2. Chandni Chowk, Delhi

One of the most crowded and oldest markets of Delhi, Chandni Chowk is a place you must visit when in Delhi. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century. The market is crammed with shops that sell saris, suits, footwear, books, electrical goods etc. and is quite famous for its food points that offer authentic Indian food and sweets of almost all kinds. The place is although congested, but this is what makes it unique in the present day times. The market is a complete depiction of how old bazaars would have looked like.

3. Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad

Famous for its bangles, Laad bazaar is a very old market located in Hyderabad. The literal meaning of ‘Laad’ is to pamper and this is exactly what this marketplace does. It offers all sorts of beautiful bangles which are made by the local women here in between their household chores. Customers have a wide variety to choose from and the price range is wide too. Apart from the pleasing beauty and design, what’s special about these bangles is that their making doesn’t involve any kind of toxic or harmful material.

4. Connaught Place, New Delhi

This market in the capital has quite an elite look and is one of the largest financial and commercial centres in the region. With a circular set-up, it is a home to almost all the big brands namely Nike, Adidas, Levis etc. Abundant in food points like KFC, Mc Donald’s, Café Coffee Day and many more, Connaught place is one of the best places in the city to visit if you want all such options right in front of your eyes. Apart from well-established shops and showrooms, you can find here small scale vendors as well selling jewellery and other artefacts. Many big banks and other corporate giants have their offices here and this adds even more value to this place.

5. Floating Vegetable Market, Srinagar

The concept of this market is pretty unique and interesting. Several vegetable vendors, in their shikaras filled with multiple varieties of vegetables, align themselves in the mesmerizing Dal Lake early in the morning and the colourful view that’s created enhances the beauty of the lake manifolds. Buying vegetables can never be so soothing. Even if you aren’t willing to buy vegetables, you just can’t afford to miss the view of this market. If you are planning a trip to Srinagar, it is a must see.

6. Johaari Bazaar, Jaipur

Want all sorts of jewellery at one place? People, this is the place then, in the pink city of Jaipur called as Johaari bazaar. By the way, the famous jewellery market of Jaipur doesn’t only offer jewellery, but plenty of other products for example saris and other apparel.

7. Dilli Haat, New Delhi

Well, this is another popular market established in the capital. Wide range of products are available here like footwear, sophisticated fabric and drapery, rosewood and sandalwood carvings, gems, beads, brassware, metal crafts, silk and wool fabrics etc. The exhibition hall runs a number of shows promoting handicrafts and handlooms. In order to ensure that the handicraft products are available to the visitors throughout the year with the prices remaining stable and variety constantly increasing, the handicraft stalls are allotted on a rotational basis to craftsmen from all corners of the country, usually for 15 days.

8. Palika Bazaar, New Delhi

It is an underground market located between the inner and outer circle of Connaught Place. With hundreds of shops, this market is quite famous for cheap electronic goods and clothes, although almost all kinds of products are available here. But it is advised that you brush up your bargaining skills before visiting this bazaar, or if you are ready to pay 1000 rupees for an item that you could have got for only 500 or 600, then it’s fine.

9. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Also known as the ‘Culture Square’ of Mumbai, Colaba Causeway is a perfect shopping hub for the locals and the tourists. Not only big retail outlets of famous brands can be seen here, but several small shops dealing in electronic goods, cosmetics, artefacts etc. are quite common. Also, it has a pavement book stall which has been thriving here for decades now.

10. New Market, Kolkata

It is one of the oldest markets of Kolkata where you can find all kinds of products. It was built in 1894 and since then has survived multiple fires and floods. Confectioners of this market are quite famous. Stalls here are grouped according to the type of items they sell that gives the customers a pretty nice shopping experience.



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