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10 Politicians of India equated with the characters of Mahabharata


Ramayan was about ethics and Mahabharata was about Politics …After having read a lot of the Bhagavad Gita and seen the whole of Mahabharata, this post will act as my summary, which I have tried to relate with the modern politicians.I  have drawn some of the characters of Mahabharata whose some traits are parallel to the politicians of India today;

Yudhisthira – Arun Jaitley

Yudhisthira a harmless-soul character of the worming epic Mahabharata is also known as “Dharmaraj”. He had a great attachment with morality, truth, commitment, righteousness and his innocent and non-aggressive traits are indeed eye-catching. The point of similarity between Yudhisthira and Arun is that  both are brainiest of all. Politically correct and composed in every situation.

Arjun – Narendra Modi

Arjun was a gallant warrior and a skilled archer, best known for stringing numbers of arrows in a fraction of second and that with deadly accuracy, he was a Pandava prince as well as the most adorable disciple of Guru Drona. Both Arjun and NaMo are known for being enlightened with the cognition of selfless action, the character of Arjun in Mahabharata teaches us what we should do while confronting an abominable moral crisis. And today, Modi is diverting the minds of common people from the sensual pleasures of the world to the duties toward nation, he instructs that rather than celebrating the good fortune or crying over the bad, we have to be always joyful as it is the very foundation for daily living. In a nutshell, both of them are talented and follower of Dharma. Destined to get to top.

Karna – ManMohan Singh

Both are the Tragedy Man.  Their talent went on Wrong side and drenched under favor shown by Adharma. Karna, the central character and one of the unsung heroes of the Mahabharata. He was an invincible warrior despite of being an ill-fated prince ever since his birth. And our former Prime Minister, Manmohan singh was  recognised as a man of uncommon decency and grace but later on his public image was tarnished for being indulged in various corruptions and scandals.

Shakuni – Digvijay Singh

Both Shakuni and Digvijay are known for flattery to dynasty, both had done their best to get the prince to throne. Shakuni, a proficient king-maker was one of the most scorned personalities in Hindu mythology. He was considered as the great-grandfather of all gamblers throughout the existence of planet earth.

Duryodhana – Rahul Gandhi

Duryodhana was a massively strong leader, but he stands at one side of a gulf which was seemingly unbridgeable between the parameters of good and evil. Indeed, Duryodhana belonged to the evil side of the gulf, holding the traits of greed and jealousy to a specific magnitude, but here one point common in them is that both want to get throne by their birth right and not by talent.

Abhimanyu -Arvind Kejriwal

Before saying something about arvind let me tell you the story of Abhimanyu, he is quoted as an example for his partial knowledge about Chakaravyuha. Since, he knew how to penetrate the Chakravyuha, but did not know how to exit from it during the time of danger, he was not able to escape and was killed brutally. The reason behind this is, when Subhadra was pregnant, Arjuna told her the techinque to enter in Chakravyuha and child Abhimanyu listened the story in mother’s womb. But before Arjuna would tell her the way to get out Subhadra felt asleep and the child could not listen to it. This is often quoted as an example on how much partial knowledge can be destructive to an individual and society.At present, Arvind Kejriwal  also wants to become a hero so he entered politics but he don’t know how to get the things work out. Thus with their half knowledge/immaturity and want to become hero,  one got stuck and the other is getting drowned.

Dhritarastra- Sonia Gandhi

Dhritrashtra is one of the dominating characters of Mahabharta had a very low self-esteem and believed that his blindness was a curse, making him unfit to rule but it was his emotional blindness and rapacious look towards the throne which made his son Duryodhana a hot-headed and egocentric human being.The common thing in them is that both are blindfolded for their son and do not support son from within due to their inability.

Bheema – Amit Shah

Bhima was the strongest and the most ferocious of his brothers. He possessed the strength of ten thousand elephants and was a great wrestler, skilled in archery, deemed as one of the few people to properly wield Arjuna’s bow, Gandiva with great skill. He could slay three thousand enemy soldiers with complete ease.And Amit is also the BADASS of war. One had power of Thousand elephants and the other 10 Crore member.

Dronacharya – Lal Krishna Advani

The royal guru and a ferocious warrior of tremendous combating skills, Guru Dronacharya is a significant character of Mahabharata. He was committed to protect the realm of Hastinapur, Guru Dronacharya supported the Kauravas and remained firm like an inexorable hero in the battle of Kurukshetra where casualties went beyond the imagination. Likewise Advani is considered as the  Guru (Teacher) and second to the commander-in-chief. Both these personalities skilled the best Shishya (Student), but only to be killed / finished by them. (Arjun and NaMo)

Bhishma Pitamah – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Bhishma Pitamah, is regarded as the most potent character of the Mahabharata as well as the finest illustration of ethics and fairness. His peerless statesmanship and other impeccable characteristics still inspire his ardent followers across the world similarly, Vajpayee is the oldest stalwart person. Both are disciplined spartan, an embodiment of loyalty. They are the most respected personalities not only in their own clan but also in opposition clans / political parties. “Clean Image”. Vow of lifelong celibacy and felt hapless near deathbed !!




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