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10 places to get healthy food in Mumbai


Food lovers all around the world love different varieties of food and there are special places where they can avail them. Mumbai is the hot spot of many of the favourite foods and people really enjoy these hubs for their uniqueness and exclusive food. Here are the top ten places in Mumbai where you can excite your taste buds. The eateries provide quality food to the people and have lived up to their reputation among the food lovers.


The yoga house: This is among the topmost eateries in Mumbai. It is located near Bandra and provides the folk with good quality of organic food. The place is noted for yoga and the adjoining eatery brings good quality organic food to the people. One can always charm the taste buds with the juices and other delicacies that are provided here.

Gostana: This is another eatery that you cannot afford to miss out. This is situated in the by lanes of Bandra and excels in providing the people with burgers and pizzas. The difference is, the fatty foods are converted to healthy ones and the taste is really awesome.

Bombay salad co.: When you are in Bombay, you cannot miss this out. This is a healthy restaurant which brings you quality food at affordable costs. The variety of food ranges from salads to juices and vegetable preparations. The ozone filter of the food makes sure that they are healthy and good to eat. The quality of food is really awesome and you should try to get in touch with this at least once.

Diet N Taste: This hotel brings you all the varieties of food from Mexican and Italian to other varieties of food. The speciality of the hotel is that it brings you Asian and western food and both are liked equally by the public. Apart from this, they provide healthy food with low quantity of carbohydrates but rich in energy content. They are low in fat content, but produce the desired levels of calories to bring you the perfect taste and health.

Just Unjunk: As the name suggests, the eatery is specialised in converting junk food to healthy ones. There are a lot of varieties of food that you will avail here. These include milkshakes, burgers and pizzas. The speciality of the eatery is that you can have different varieties of food under the same roof. Apart from this, the taste of the food matters a lot and at the end of the day, you will get the value of your bucks. The health benefits of the food provided here is great. You will not fall ill or grow fat when you avail the food here.

Paninaro: There are two great features of this hotel. The first one is that the hotel the fresh products from the farms are used to make the food. One can enjoy fresh salads and sandwiches in this hotel. When you visit this hotel, you will really cherish the taste of freshness. Apart from this, the food comes at an affordable price, which makes it popular among the masses. The food which is left over is distributed among the poor. The homeless people have a good time enjoying the food. This is really a humanist approach from the point of view of utility of the food. All these make the hotel a popular hub among the public.

Energy Body Fuel Station: As the name suggests, you will get the perfect food for good health when you walk into this eatery. The food is really tasty, but it is not for the taste that you need to visit this restaurant. The quality of the food matters a lit and the food provided here is rich in carbohydrates and provides a lot of calories to the body. This is a good hub for the people who like healthy food. The taste comes as bonus to you when you visit the restaurant. The location is also convenient and people can enjoy the place along with the family and friends. This is really a good experience when you visit the place.

Café@Jiwa: This is another hub of healthy food that comes across your way when you are in Mumbai. The eatery is noted for the healthy food that the customers enjoy. Apart from this, there are different varieties of food that you can enjoy when you walk into this restaurant. From rotis and paneer to pakoras-everything is available. The big deal about this one is the degree of customisation it provides. One can always personalise his or her choices while the food is ordered. Apart from this, the taste matters a lot. All the varieties are cooked well and the chefs are really masters.

Fresh: Freshness is the lookout of people and when it comes to food, the freshness counts a lot. The hotel brings you lot of varieties of food and that too, are fresh as fresh can be. Apart from soups, grilled foods and salads, there are different varieties of foods that you can customise according to your needs and aptitudes. The healthy food is available at reasonable rates and you will really like the taste when you have a bite.

Café grain and Bagel: This is another hub where you can find quality food. The eatery is noted for its cleanliness and one will enjoy a lot when the taste of the food charms the taste buds. The environment is really good and the location is also convenient. So, people will really enjoy a good time here and the quality of food is the real hallmark of the stuff available here.

So, when you step into the city, make sure that you can visit a few of these hotels and get a taste of goodness. The quality will really charm you and the essence of good taste will linger in your mouth, which you would be sorry to part with. All the eateries are located at convenient places and you will really enjoy the food here.




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