10 Pakistanis who made an impact in Bollywood


Entertainment has no boundaries as long as it sets up your right mood. There are several artists from Pakistan who have made their presence marked in Bollywood cinemas and the films have attracted a lot of crowd. At the end of the day, it does not matter who entertains you, but how they entertain you needs to be marked. The artists have really enriched the Indian movies with their voice and other tributes, and all these have made some top products that are worth remembering. The top ten Pakistanis who made an impact in Bollywood are listed below.


Noor Jehan: The real name of this artist is Allah Wasai. The contribution to Indian cinema is woth mentioning. She started singing at the age of 6 years and was trained by Ustad Barey Ghulam Ali Khan. She had great aptitude for music and liked classical music. In many of the Indian movies, she has contributed as a playback singer. All these have made her presence really felt.


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: One can hardly deny the contribution of this great artist to Indian cinema. He has contributed diligently to different countries and his voice was really a gift to Bollywood. There are several films which have been enriched with his voice and this is really great from the point of view of entertainment.


Mehdi Hassan: Are you fond of ghazals? Then you can hardly miss out his talented voice. The rich voice has contributed to a large number of songs in various movies and this is really an asset for the Indian film industry. He has several fans across the country and the perfect mood of music is achieved when you realise the essence of his music. The music needs to be heard with a perfect mood and you will really be astounded when you get in touch with the music by this great singer.

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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan: Remember the song Lagi Tumse Mann Ki Lagan from the movie Paap? The enthralling voice of the great singer does not need a second introduction. There has been several songs sung by this great in many movies and all these have really contributed a lot to the Bollywood. Once you heart the song in a good mood, you will realise what a great talent he has! His voice has been featured in many Indian films and these have really been all time hits. All you need to do is to realise the essence of the words in order to feel the music.


Atif Aslam: Contemporary Indian film industry remains incomplete without mentioning the great contribution of this artist. His songs are really all time hits and the voice is a gem. Bollywood did not find a greater voice from across the border until he hit the big league. He has been popular in the Pakistani film and music industry for several years and he has marked his presence in the Indian cinema comparatively later. Although he has made a late appearance in Indian cinema, there is still a lot to expect from him. The songs vary in contexts and he can make use of the variations of tone to entertain the people. The songs are soothing and relevant to the movies, which enabled him to gain a lot of limelight. He is no longer foreign to the Indian context and has contributed greatly to the movies.

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Adnan Sami: Did you remember “Kabhi To Nazar Milao” in 2000 where the great legend from across the border sang along with Asha Bhosle? The song was an instant hit and sold over 20,000,000 copies. This is the true essence of his voice. He continues to sing in several Bollywood movies from time to time. His voice is really thrilling and is marked by melody and good tone. Apart from Pakistani movies, he has marked his presence in other countries and he has gained immense popularity all over the world.

Shafqat Amanat Ali: he is the lead vocalist of the band Furzon and has started to make his presence felt in Bollywood. If you have heard the song Akhiyaan toe ole ole, you will realise that the singer has immense talent and once he gets the right opportunity to shine, he will make a big difference in the Indian film industry. The songs are innovative and the voice is skilful, which makes a perfect effect.


Abida Parveen: He is one of the topmost sufi music singers who have marked his presence in Bollywood. Apart from singing for the Pakistani film industry, he has also featured in many of the Indian films and has a great contribution to entertainment. Sufi music needs skilled voice and this is best achieved by this legendary singer. You cannot miss out any of his songs which are enriched with talent and variations. If you are a lover of music, all you need to do is to check out the different films in which he has featured and get the taste of the great music produced by him. You will really like the essence and the effect will linger in your mind for a long time.

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Ali Zafar: he is a talented artist and has marked his presence in song writing and singing. There are several films in which he has featured and you need to listen to his tracks to realise the true essence of music. He sings the songs composed by himself and apart from being a singer, he is an actor as well as a painter.



Ghulam Ali: This is another talented singer from Pakistan. He has many songs which are popular in India and the voice is really an asset for the Indian film industry.


So the next time you download songs, make sure that you get in touch with these artists. The voice is really an asset to the Bollywood industry and they entertain the people even years after they were sung. After all, entertainment has its own world.