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10 Objects That We Use Every Day, But Do Not Know Their Names


There are various objects that we use on a regular basis but to your surprise, you will find that the names of some of these common items are not known to us. In some cases, it is seen that though you may know the name of the objects you use but at times, the attachments or the different parts of the similar objects are unknown to you. Here are some of the names of such objects that you use frequently but may not know the actual names.

  1. Phloem

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Phloem is that stingy part of the banana that needs to be removed before you consume this high energy, rich in potassium fruit.

  1. Pull Tab

It is that part of the jeans or jacket zipper that is required to tug on for closing the zip. Pull tab is attached to the slider head of the zipper that runs through the zip track.

  1. Earworm

Earworm is nothing related to any kind of worm or virus. It is just that melodious and appealing tune which remains in your memory for a long span of time. Isn’t the name a bit strange and many of us seriously are not familiar with this term.

  1. Scroll Wheel

We all know very well the functions of a computer mouse. Now the ball over the mouse which is required for scrolling down or up the page on the computer screen is known as the scroll wheel. You may feel the name be obvious for the thing, but we bet that it is new to you.

  1. Air Concentrator

Most of us use hair dryers and the attachment that we fix at the mouth of the dryer to blow-dry our hair easily is called the air concentrator.

  1. Ferrule

There are two types of umbrellas that are common to us. The first one is the telescopic umbrella which can be easily kept in the handbag and the other one is the stick umbrella. The cap present at the tip of this stick umbrella is known as the ferrule.

  1. Nose Pads

The two small attachments which are clear and oval in shape can be found in any spectacle or sunglass’s inner part is known as the nose pads. These pads are used so that the spectacles or sunglasses may sit properly on the nose and thereby protect the nose from the hardness of the frame.

  1. Lie Bumps

Lie bumps are actually known as lingual papillitis, which at times may form over your tongue. It is just like a small white-colored pimple which is not that serious, but one must see a doctor if the lie bumps last for a long span of time.

  1. Gound

Gound is nothing but the dirt that every one of us remove from our eyes right in the morning.

  1. Punt

The bottom part of the wine bottle is known as a punt. It was used when the bottles were made by the glassblowers, but now the punt of the machine-made bottles is just to keep up with the tradition.



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