10 myths about virginity that needs a change now


This is a very common topic that girls have misconceptions about virginity because of various myths that exist. There are a number of myths that exists even today about virginity that actually does not match with today’s world. This is the reason a number of girls at times may often over think about it.


Here are 10 myths that people have in the minds about virginity. Also, these myths are properly challenged by the actual facts and logics.

Virginity is not always through intercourse

It is not that you lose your virginity only when you had intercourse sex with someone. There may be many other reasons also that can lead you to loss of your virginity. Presently, you are living in the world where sex is discussed openly and hence even the teenagers are well aware of a number of things. If not sex then also they may try out a number of things to get that pleasure. In addition to that there are now a number of sex toys available in the market using which you can get the same experience that you have while having sex. So, it is not necessary that you lose virginity only by sex; you can also lose by manual stimulation, sex toys or by other means.

The myth about the blood thing

It was previously accepted that if a woman does not bleed while having sex, then she is not a virgin and hence she was called as characterless. But the fact is that not every time does a woman bleed during her first intercourse. The bleeding part takes place due to the tearing of the hymen that is a tissue inside the woman’s vagina. But different women have different conditions such as some may have a very thin layer or even some may not have the tissue since birth. It depends upon the hymenal tissue about whether a woman will bleed during her first intercourse or not.

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Sexual Health and Virginity

It may not hurt you like others

You must have heard from others about how much it hurts when you are having your intercourse for the first time. But this can be also said to be a myth because it is not necessary that you will get hurt at your first time. Also, there are many women who are accustomed to sex but still they get hurt many a times. The only reason for the hurting thing is lubrication. It is important to get yourself ready to get that thing inside you. Either you should use lubrication, or you should have a proper foreplay before you land up having that ultimate thing. Following these steps will definitely make your sex experience pleasurable rather than painful.

Get properly warmed up

Similar to the above-mentioned point, it is important to have foreplay before jumping to the ultimate thing. If you reach for the ultimate thing, you will not have any kind of pleasure but instead you will only have pain and problems that may continue for a long time. Your body is made in such a way that it can make itself comfortable and ready for everything on its own; the only thing that you have to do is give some time. Give this time to foreplay as a warm up session and you will be able to enjoy that ultimate thing also without any kind of trouble.



Do not aim at having an orgasm

It is again a myth that whenever you have sex, especially when you lose your virginity, you will have an orgasm. Orgasm only happens when you and your partner are comfortable with each other and connect to each other properly. So, do not think that the very first time when you have your intercourse you may have an orgasm. It may come later on with passing time, but also there are many women of course who may have experienced orgasm during their first intercourse while losing their virginity.

Virgins can get pregnant

This is absolutely a fact. There are myths that consider that virgins cannot get pregnant on the first chance, but medical science has proved about its possibilities. It may happen that while your hymen tissue is getting torn, your partner has also ejaculated inside you, and this can obviously lead you to pregnancy in the first go itself. It is, thus always better to talk about the precautions and other aids even if this is your first time.

Copying the porn

Now whatever you see in various porn movies may fill you with lust but it is to be understood that these things are actually not possible in real terms. All that violent acts are not at all pleasing and rather are much painful and uncomfortable, especially if it is your first time. Yes, there are couples who try out various ways but this is when they have got bored with the same usual way of having sex. But this is a no for the first timers.

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Do not get carried away

It may happen that the person with whom you have had your first sex, have ditched you or broken up with you. This does not mean that you have to feel bad about. Losing your virginity is just about experimenting sex for the first time, not necessarily you have to do it with the person with whom you are planning to spend your entire life. If a situation of break up come up, then get up and move on thinking that you deserved something much better than this.

myths about virginity

There cannot be a right time

After you have got married, you may have to think about a calendar and schedules matching your partner to have sex or do plan your life. But in case of losing your virginity, there cannot be planning or a particular time or schedule. It should be a hit of the moment thing so that you can feel good about it. If you plan the time and place consciously, and then you start doing it, then it may make you feel to be just an activity, and you may not enjoy the pleasure of it.

Being nervous

Do not think too much if you are nervous about losing your virginity. The case is similar with almost everyone who does it for the first time.