10 minimal known battles of YouTubers that we viewers should know


Many of the viewers assume that being a YouTuber is being a glamorous job: they are treated equal to the celebrities, while some of them are even popular than the mainstream celebrities. As the Youtubers usually come out with one or more videos a week, it seems like they are having a lifestyle which is way better than ours, and we tend to think that being a popular YouTuber is a relax job which pays well.

Well, you might need to think again. Beyond all the silly antics and smiles of the YouTubers, and above the videos which you think are simple to make, YouTubers have been working even harder than you, and face more struggles than most of us do! Having few YouTubers in common and through some online research, we have brought some of the struggles which Youtubers face which you didn’t probably know and now you should really know:

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The top acquires a great deal, the base takes in a little

You might have come across some stories that YouTubers buying fancy cars or a big house, and generally, these are reserved for the top YouTubers. Above that top 1%, there is another side which of 99% and they are struggling just to make their ends meet. And yeah, if you are thinking the top 1% doesn’t do anything, then think again. They are the top 1% for a reason, and that reason is hard work and creativity.

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They invest a great deal of energy in editing, editing, and editing

Maybe you have seen a vlog with a thought that, isn’t it just a ten-minute rant or any Q&A? Ahm! Think again, please! The filming process might involve just less than an hour, but the editing process can consume days. By any chance if you have any YouTuber friend, just ask them what they are doing, most likely you will get only two answers “Editing” or resting on the Centuary mattresses to get rid of the editing tiredness.

It’s a business, not a hobby

Many YouTubers have made up their career in this field and working as a full-time job being a YouTuber as it is relatively a lucrative job. And according to any business, it is not really easy running a business. You will need to keep checking the cash flow, deal with clients, take care of accounting etc.

The older generation doesn’t consider it to be “an occupation”

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The older generation is not our fault, though, since it is just too new a medium. Whenever a YouTuber will tell their grandparents that they are making videos for a living, their first question would be “you working in television?”. Well! No granny that ain’t same…

Friends frequently need them to help for nothing

This is the most common conversation between a YouTuber and a friend:

Friend: “Hey, I got a new product. Please help me promote it leh.”

YouTuber: “Bro, it is a business leh, I can’t just keep product placement in my videos unless it is paid.”

Friend: “Oh you become a star now? You think you MediaCorp?”

And bang! they lost a friend. What friends of YouTubers don’t really understand is that every second of their video is money. And to be featured on it, you will need to pay for it! It is business bruh, not personal.

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A few people still don’t consider it to be a real job

In Spite of having the long hours, good videos and even million of views, people still don’t consider it as a real job. They simply judge because it is new, and they will see YouTubers as an ego-stroking job. You need to stop judging and take a good sleep on a Centuary Mattress Pal!

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They’re helpless before computer algorithms

Facebook and YouTube both the platforms have different algorithms which will decide what to show to others, or in other terms, knowing how the algorithm works in imperative. They are mostly changing, and every YouTubers needs to be aware of it.

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They’re helpless before changes

The recent YouTube Red has caused outrage among some of the YouTubers, some ponder whether their programmatic advertising revenue will be affected. And now that Netflix had made its way into more countries including India, Singapore, and Malaysia, YouTubers are concerned about the consequences that could have one the video-streaming platforms.

Is it a job? Yes, it is! But it could potentially just disappear with one change in this fast-changing world.

10 minimal known battles of YouTubers that we viewers should know