10 Low Maintenance Pets at Home


Pets serve a wide number of purposes in the life of human beings. They make us feel good by providing a company and more meaning to live; they also contribute to bringing light to the world of people. It is a fact that pets require various amounts of care and attention on the basis of their types. In case you are looking ahead to become a first-time pet owner but do not hold an abundance of extra time to spend caring for them, then it is good to go for some low maintenance pets in order to fit your lifestyle.

10 Low Maintenance Pets at Home

In order to prevent confusion at the time of purchasing, it is high time to go over these selected 10 types of pets that demand low maintenance:

  • Fish – Fish has been categorized to be among those pets demanding low maintenance. You may set up aquarium of medium size comprising of a small collection of freshwater Feeding and cleaning water regularly along with setting up an automatic filtration system is all about maintenance.


  • Birds There are birds similar to fishes demanding low maintenance. They require a simple diet along with minimum grooming and provide some enjoyable songs. Some of the common birds including finches and lovebirds do not require that time as exotic species. Parakeets and hummingbirds are too easy to care.
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pet birds

  • Cat – A cat can be as your lovable pet because it will always keep you entertaining. Cats are clean animals that groom themselves. They are fully independent and remain perfectly happy with a stable diet, few toys and clean water. They also help to defend the place from rodent invasions.


  • Turtle – Turtles can also be considered to be among the low maintenance pets. Its unique appearance will provide you unique entertainment. They are not at all choosy about foods and require little bit land and water along with a handy heating lamp for staying comfortably. As they are omnivorous, they require pre-prepared turtle foods moderately.


  • Rabbits – Rabbits have been among the common pets for rural homes for centuries. At present, they have become among the most popular pets for city dwellers as well. Rabbits are smart and can be box trained. Their timid nature ill provide you will full of life hence keeping you energetic for long.
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  • Tarantula – It is a wrong belief that tarantulas are deadly. They will not bite until they are severely provoked. They may survive for weeks without food or water. They do not generate much waste due to which cleaning their cages remains no more a challenging task. They are notoriously gentle and easy to handle.


  • Mice – Mice are among the most popular types of pets for domestic purpose, available at almost every pet store. They are believed to be perfect as they require fairly low-maintenance, do not make too loud noise and are sociable. They demand little food and are happy in every situation. The meal cage with the solid floor is the required house for them.


  • Leopard Gecko – The leopard gecko is among those exotic pets that eat less in comparison to a cat or dog. Its diet composes of maximum 50 crickets for the whole week. You need not clean after it, unlike other reptiles. Also, they do not require a cage to reside. Great for kids who hold allergies!


  • Guinea Pig – The Guinea Pig is a great choice as it is available at a size which is easy to handle. They do not bite easily until teased seriously. They require a simple cage, clean, fresh bedding and food. They prefer eating fresh fruits and vegetables with other members of the family.
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  • Hissing Cockroaches – Hissing cockroaches are different from those terrifying cockroaches. They are quite large and hold an interesting look. They are very calm and slow which make them easy to handle. When disturbed, they emit a hissing noise due to which they got their name as hissing cockroaches.


Pets are among those highly enjoyable species which never let you feel lonely anytime. It must be noted that they must not be considered to be a burden. Though less the maintenance is required, they must be given due care as they are living creatures that require love from our side.