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10 Lies About Fat That Destroyed The World



People all around the world are misinformed about the eating habits and diets. The advice and suggestions that revolve around the ears are full of incompetent ideas and information. The world’s heath condition has degraded for the last few years due to the lack of proper knowledge in foods and dishes.

Lots of unhealthy and absurd suggestions are being transmitted to the people all around the world. Health conditions are degrading because of the lack of adequate information on the proper food habits. Intake of essential nutrients has lowered. The amount of fats and carbohydrates that are necessary have seen a decrease in consumption.

These days, people are very easily carried away by myths. The myths arise out of the misconception and lack of proper information. Diseases and disorders in the human body are increasing due to the lies that are passé on to the people years after years.

Below shows 10 lies about fat that has destroyed the world’s health condition.

  1. Low-fat content processed foods are good for health

This is totally a blind truth. The ridiculous advice of consumption of processed foods is degrading the body. Companies are producing processed foods deliberately reduce the fat content. But, natural foods are tasteless without the natural fats.

Companies producing low fat content products are asking people to get adapted to this recent amendment. The fact is the nutritional value of such processed foods is of no use to the human body. Artificial food products are degrading the health of the people and symptoms of disorder and diseases in the news.

The processed food manufacturing companies are only adding more sugar to compensate for the reduction of fat. They think this might alleviate the h health conditions. But the lack of proper nutrients in the diet is leading to disorders.

  1. Eating High-fat diets makes you more fat, and it’s dangerous

Fats are basically the ingredient that is stored inside our skin, and it helps the human body to look soft and fluffy.  We are what we eat. Consuming more fat will only make us voluptuous.

The body metabolism rates depend from person to person. The consumption of fat and breaking down of the fat to be distributed and lodged in different parts of the body depend totally on the anatomy of the human body. The truth is that foods that have a high fat content are very delicious, and it’s really hard to avoid them.

Through research, it is found that consumption of high-fat foods also helps to reduce body weights. Still, certain food experts have the audacity to proclaim that high-fat food makes you fatter, and it’s dangerous for the body.

  1. Saturated fats increase the cholesterol and cause heart diseases

There are two types of cholesterol that has an impact on our body. LDL and HDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is responsible for causing heart diseases whereas HDL cholesterol helps to reduce the factors that may lead to heart diseases.

Saturated fat helps to increase the HDL cholesterol which is necessary to curb the factors that influence heart diseases. Saturated fats do not produce LDL cholesterol, even if it does, the quantities are exceptionally low.

Proper Studies have confirmed that Saturated fats are responsible for improved Lipid profile, and it is completely harmless to the body.

  1. Indication of heart diseases is a rise in LDL cholesterol levels

This is probably the most inappropriate way to conclude the risk of Heart disease. The medicinal department is focusing too much on the Total and LDL cholesterol levels. The total cholesterol includes the HDL, which is good for the body. The LDL cholesterol too has its complexities.

The LDL cholesterol has various micro divisions where most of the small parts are said to be the good ones. One part of LDL is dense which is only harmful to the body, and other one is small and does not bother the body.

Thus, reading the only the cholesterol levels are not good to assume that there is a chance of a heart disease.

  1. Diet rich in Carbohydrate and low-fat is optimum

The stories of the past medical history tell us that it is not the fat that is only responsible for the degradation of our body. In the past studies have conferred that saturated fats are responsible for the increase in the LDL levels.

But, it is not all justified to have a low-fat diet. Low-fat diet leads to malnutrition and decreases the metabolism rate of our system. People and dietician who preach that low fat is the way are wrong. Fats are the storehouse of energy.

The diet should consist of the equal amount of carbohydrates and fats to live a healthy life.

  1. Consumption of Eggs rich in cholesterol are bad for health

People say consumption of eggs every day is bad for health.  The statement is totally false. Studies have seen to get the adequate amount of energy for the human body to do some task; eggs play a very important role.

The nutrients present in the eggs only help the body to become strong as there are lots of vitamins and proteins present in the yolk of the eggs.

  1. Vegetable oils are healthy for the heart

The recent products of the food industry have seen a lot of rise in the vegetable oils. Manufacturers claim that vegetable oils are healthy for the heart and for the body. But the recent study shows that vegetable oils are responsible for the inflammation of the body organs, and it truly increases the risk of heart diseases.

Consumption of too much vegetable oil also increases the cholesterol levels in the body.

  1. Consumption of ice creams and chocolates increases body fats

The above statement is somewhat true but not 100%. The calorie content in the ice creams and chocolates are abundant. They have lots of saturated and Trans fat. People are misguided as they think both the fats are equal.

The only thing to be remembered is that Trans fats are chemically modified whereas saturated fats are natural and healthy. Thus, there is no stopping on the consumption of ice creams and chocolates.

  1. Alternative to natural butter is modified margarine

People believe Butter as the unhealthy food because it is rich in saturated fats. This is not true, and such claims have totally ruined the food habits of the people worldwide. Processed margarine is being produced artificially, and this is a concern for the serious health conscious people.

Margarine is actually factory processed food rich in vegetable oils and unsaturated Trans fat. Butter is always a homely and a healthy choice.

  1. Fat is unnecessary and makes you look ugly

This is probably one of the most heard statements in the 21st century. The truth is that people who have a rich content of fats inside their body are much healthier than other people. The fat helps them to carry out regular activities with much ease than the other people.

The loss in body weight due to improper food habits are compensated by the fat content in the body. Thus, fat is the most useful nutrient for our body.



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