10 last minute ways to pass an Examination


Every year, students worldwide repeat the same resolution. “It’s going to different this time. No procrastinating. I’m going to be on the top of things”. Well, in reality, that never happens. This is not going to help you score but it might help you pass. This is a lesson on last minute, caffeine fuelled cramming.

Here’s how to pass exams at last minute, when you’ve got barely any time to see the syllabus.

1) Don’t panic.

Probably the most important thing to remember. It might or might not be the most important exam of your life but you still have to do your best. Nothing will be done is you are in a frenzy and can’t focus.


2) De-Clutter your Workplace

Your desk, the kitchen table, the library, a cafe, your study table anything that works for you should be clean. Clutter often leads to confusion.Clean it up and preferably stay away from your bed. Being in the bedroom often increases the likelihood of accidental napping.

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3) Be prepared to start the marathon

Assemble your resources – paper, notes, water bottle, some snacks. This is crunch time. Keep the area caffeine fuelled to help avoid sleep.


4) No distractions.

Distractions are what got you here in the first place. Avoid all distractions. Do whatever it takes to make yourself concentrate. Put your phone in another room. Turn off the Wifi. All fun activities can be done during the break.(Yes there are breaks :-P).


5) Plan it out

Check the syllabus. Check the previously asked. See the important topics. You haven’t got time to cover everything so pick a few areas to revise and tick them off a list. You won’t get 100% but it’s better than only knowing one fact about every topic. You can elaborate on that fact in the examination.635723242922903884623464081_community

6) Stop procrastinating and Start last minute studies.

Divide your time for each topic. And actually start working.Harder than it seems, this. Really MAKE yourself do it.

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7) Don’t get frustrated.

There are times when you feel this is definitely never going to finish. And you are surely going to fail this exam. Stop. If you get stuck, don’t stress. Make a note and you can come back to it later (if there’s time). Don’t wait on anything that gets you frustrated.


8) Get some Sleep…

It’s 4am. So much to be done. Slog it out. Sleep is for the weak, right? WRONG. You will perform much, much better the next day if you brain has had a chance to rest and process the information you’ve thrown at it. Plus you won’t feel sleepy in the examination which causes you to forget half the things anyway.

9) Don’t panic while writing the exam

Read everything through carefully and tackle the problems you know best or are worth the most points first. Leave the things you have no clue about and come back to them later.Keep an eye on the clock and make sure you’re not spending too much time on one section. Take a deep breath everything you feel like you are entering panic-mode.

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10)Finally Done..!

And then it’s finally over. Party it out, chill with your friends and enjoy. You got through this one. Relax. Till the next one comes at least…