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10 inspirations and motivations to live healthy!


Often it has been noticed that some people start working out and eating a balanced diet, but after a week or so, the determination ultimately fades out. As per the experts, this happens because people try to leap into something big all of a sudden. When you work out for a week, and then again you go back to your same routine of unhealthy diet, you gain double the weight and your wish to be healthy stays a dream. It has been advised by such experts that simple changes can resolve such problem rather than the bigger steps.

There are some very simple everyday inspirations and motivations to live healthy and fit.

Feeling Good

It is not that a thin person has to be healthy. It may happen that you are an average looking person but still if you are away from various diseases, and then you are healthy. Start caring for yourself. Check out for dresses in which you look good. Start staying with people, who talk good about you. There are a number of friends who may encourage you to smoke or drink. There is no wrong in drinking occasionally in a few parties, but it is always better to stay away from such friends who talk about drinking or smoking whenever you meet them.

Feeling Good

Consider a role model

It is always good to have a role model in your life. It is not necessary that your role model has to be someone from the television world or some celebrity. It can be anyone, like your boss at the office, your mentor in your university, the aunty next door in your neighbor, or anyone. Again it is not that you have to copy your role model and have to be like him or her. It is only that you should get inspired about the positivity that comes from the person. Try to compare at times that if he or she can do good then you can also do.

Controlling overeating

One of the main reasons for gaining weight and staying unhealthy is overeating. Know that what the reasons that you often overeat unconsciously are. There are many people who eat to deal with disappointments; there are many who eat to pass their time and many others. In this case, try out some other ways that can help you in dealing with disappointments and boredoms. Also, if you are a person who has a habit of eating at regular intervals, then try to stuff your refrigerator and kitchen with food stuff that are healthy and low in calorie.

Make small changes daily

You cannot change in one week or one month. The change will come gradually to you. So, you also have to introduce small changes every day so that you do not give up your routine. You can maintain like starting with the morning walk in the first week, then adding up some fibers in your diet in the second week, cutting down some calories the third week and so on.

Search for some cheering

It is also very important that you search for someone who can cheer you up about the changes that you can feel in yourself. This is important so that you stay motivated all the times, and you can carry on with your healthy habits all the time. You can get such cheering from anyone, your spouse, siblings, parents, friends, anyone, but the only thing is that you have to find it.

The art of forgiving

There are a number of people who torture themselves mentally if someday they miss out their exercise or overeat in a party. This will not help but rather will make you sick at your in mind. In place of doing so, you should think that it was an enjoyable time, and you have to be fit and healthy so that you can enjoy such more moments ahead. There is no harm in breaking your schedules at certain times. After all your body need break also from your schedule.

Do not starve

This is a very wrong concept that thin people are always healthy. If you starve and stay hungry to lose weight, this can cause you a number of additional diseases. And also after staying hungry, it has been noticed that people unconsciously overeat that becomes bad for their body.

Change will not happen in one day

Often you must have seen a thin person in a nice dress and must have thought that they are god gifted. But the fact is that you never know whether they are really thin since their childhood, or they did something to it. There are a number of people who work hard for years, and then they get a figure that is called thin and slim. It can be through more time invested in exercising or by compromising upon their favorite snacks. Ultimately changes do not occur in just one day; it takes time, and you will also take the time to change.

Move around more rather than sitting

The main reason why people are getting obese these days is due to the easy life method with the help of technology. You can phone to convey messages, computer on your desks to work and many others that makes you sit at a place for long hours. This is again a bad habit. It will not only increase your weight but also will bring you a number of unwanted diseases. If you have such type of work also to sit at a place, still you can take a break after each hour to take a short walk of 5 minutes or so.

Delete laziness from your life

Often teenagers feel lazy to ride a bicycle and take a bus to schools. There are many such activities that show the laziness of a person. Stop being lazy and try to be active all the times. Bring back your old habit of playing a sport like basketball or tennis once a week, plan out a trekking trip rather than sightseeing in holidays and many others.

Enjoy everyday

The main funda of life that can make you healthy is to enjoy every bit of life. Enjoy whatever you are doing even if it is buying groceries for your home. The more you stay happy at heart, the more you will be healthier in the body.



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