10 Infographics Images which Compares India with “The Rest Of The World” – Will Make Every Indian Proud


Here are some interesting facts about India which will make you Proud

  • India is a Mobile Nation  – Currently in India there are 924 million cell phone users.


  • English-Vinglish – India is currently the 2nd largest English speaking nation in the entire world with around  100 million English speakers which almost makes twice the entire population of United Kingdom!


  • Internet Bees – Internet in the country may not have reached even 16% of the population yet, but when you take the count this works out to nearly 10 times the population of  Australia.


  • Hindu- Muslim Nation – India’s Muslim population is nearly 177 million which is almost equal to Pakistan’s 178 Million.


  • Youngistan Meri Jaan – More than 50% of India’s population is below 25 which amounts to 550 million which is nearly 10% of world’s population


  • Continent or Country -European Union has 28 countries, one less than the number of Indian states


  • Indo-Russia – 150 million first-time voters were eligible to vote this time which was more than the population of the largest country in the world-Russia.
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  • FIFA Elections – The 31-nation World Cup madness didn’t last as long as our general elections last year.


  • Longest Gyaan – It is the longest written constitution  in the world, containing 448 articles in 25 parts, 12 schedules, 5 appendices and 99 amendments.


  • Political Land – 1687 political parties contested in the Lok Sabha elections. Do you Know  any other country with so many parties?