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10 Indian Youtube Channels we MUST subscribe to


#10- Bollywood Sins

A bad ass  desi rip-off of the hugely popular Cinema Sins, this version has us laughing at the sins committed by our movies( and there are many!). Every film is shredded into pieces and all the illogical nuances(again,a LOT) that occur in it are made fun of. The narrator never forgets to mention all the cliches  and not-so-subtle references that our cinema is so proud of. Also watch of for the narrator’s pronunciation of various English words such as raafrance(reference).

Here’s a link to one of his videos:

#9-Jay Hind

We all loved Sumeet Raghavan as Dr. Sahil in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and he brings us his witty comic timing in Jay Hind!. This channel became so popular that Colors later converted it into a full time TV show “The Late Night Show”. The channel presents a sarcastic take on the day-to-day problems faced by common people and is not afraid to take on big celebrities and politicians.

Watch out for the one episode where the Sarabhai’s re-unite

Here’s a link :


#8-Shudh Desi Raps

A relatively new Indian channel , Shudh Desi Raps is gaining huge popularity with some amazingly funny content. Another desi-rip-off this channel is “based” on the premise of Epic Rap Battles of History where it takes lookalikes of popular celebrities and puts them in street Rap Battles ensuing in hilarity.

Watch this guy nail the impression of our Prime Minister to the T against a bemused Obama



#7-Logical Retards(with Sikander Sandhu)

The logical retards features a very familiar face in Sikander Sandhu who provides commentary on famous Indian movie cliches and other YouTube viral videos. His take on Bollywood copying Hollywood is really fun. Even if you don’t like his commentary watch it for keeping updated on all the funny viral videos in the world.

#6-Bollywood Gandu

Comedian Karan Talwar is at the helm of this popular channel. He absolutely smashes it with his comic timing and his commentary on various viral videos in one of the most popular web-series in India, The Dope. The videos also have the concept of video mash-ups(relatively new in India) which is bone tickling and is catching up really quick.

Here’s a link to the latest Dope video where Kung-Fu-Panda shows off his Marathi skills


#5-Shudh Desi Endings

Another ripoff inspired Indian channel. This channel provide a twist on the niche endings of our favorite Bollywood movies. One of the best animated series in India this channel will crack you up like anything at the hilarious situations created if the movies were more logical. This channel has fast gained popularity and spoofs all the latest movies with amazing results.

Watch out for Virat Gaali in this video-

#4-Being Indian

As the show aptly describes itself it is the “one stop shop for all things Indian”. Being Indian takes the opinion of the public on various social and political issues and presents it to us with their own take and a social message in the end. They also make hilarious videos such as “every delhi girl in the world”  and the recently added “know your..” series which make it a must watch

Check out this awesome video on Cross border relations

#3-Kanan Gill

. Kanan Gill and Biswa have made into many subscriptions lists with their hilarious reviews on various bollywood movies. Not much has to be said about the comicality of these videos as every Indian who has ever visited YouTube.com has surely checked out one their videos.

#2-All India Bakchod

From taking Yash Raj Films head on to presenting the “other ” side of Karan Johar , Arjun and Ranveer in the much maligned Roast this team has done it all. The only complaint we have with this channel is that they make videos too far and in between.They  have been the trendsetters for various channels in the dark humor genre. The fact that they drop more expletives  per sentence than anybody else only helps their cause. AIB has had many high profile guests such as King Khan , Ranveer, Ali Zafar, Parineeti in their videos and Jhonny Lever,Raju Shrivastav , Anurag Kashyap in their podcasts.

Here’s one of their earlier videos:


 The TVF videos have gained so much popularity that they have become a brand in India. There is no surprise then that they have almost 11 lakh subscribers. Starting with Q-tipyapa’s they have graduated on to full time web-series and shorts such as Permanent Roommates.  They are constantly on the popular in India YouTube list which speaks volumes about the awesome and original content that they bring to us.

Here is one such Q-tiyapa




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