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10 helpful websites for college students


We live in an age of technology. We cannot imagine a day or two without access to internet. In every walk of life, technology has become indispensable. Right from paying electricity bills to checking the status of our bank accounts, we are dependent on technology. Manifestly, the advancements in technology have rendered the world digital. Our Prime Minister launched ‘Digital India’ campaign in several states. As a consequence, students are doing away with their books and only a few are learning a lot from the websites. Scientists are working in the right direction to make ‘Internet of Things’ a virtual reality. In addition, to all intents and purposes, 5G shall replace the present day 4G.

The year 2015 is considered to the hallmark year for trends in mobile technology too. The gadgets and widgets have become all the more popular. On an average, every student is believed to own a gadget. In light of such circumstances, students are not judiciously utilizing their time. More often than not, you see them on social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram. They ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on the pictures and topics of their interests. The smart phones have not enhanced the level of smartness in students. If time and technology were to be judiciously employed and attention to various activities not allowed to spill over, there would be a greater measure of competence and consequent prosperity as a whole, as also a happier and healthier population.

Here is a list of 10 helpful websites for college students:

  • Quora: Quora signifies “Question or Answer.” It is the embodiment of Henry David Thoreau’s famous saying, “A man is wise with the wisdom of his time only and ignorant with its ignorance.” To do away with the concept of ‘ignorance’ and add a dash of ignorance, active users post questions. Other smart people answer the questions based on their past experiences and expertise. A user may follow other users and view the questions and answers posted by those users. In addition, the user can ‘upvote’ his favorite answer that struck a chord with his/her perspective. A user may follow several topics such as the trends in mobile industry, cricket, economics, investment banking, hobbies, sports etc. What all Quora demands from user is a genuine profile. So, here is a piece of advice to all the students out there- create a profile and start exploring the website. Make the most of this website.

  • Lofoya.com: To all the engineering students and competitive aspirants, this website is an absolute ‘must visit.’ The website offers comprehensive material covering a wide range of subjects such as English, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation. It provides free access to sectional tests that cater the needs of aspirants preparing for Graduate Aptitude test in Engineering. Rather than paying huge amounts to coaching centers, candidates are strongly suggested to make the most of this website. After taking the tests, students may analyze their results and proceed accordingly.

  • Investopedia: Are you well versed with the standards of Indian banking system? Do you know something about mutual funds and commercial paper? How about National Savings Certificate? What is the difference between Cash Reserve Ratio and Statutory Liquid Ratio? What is the current bank rate? Investopedia answers the questions that are related to investment banking by providing definitions. In addition, it provides examples to eloquently make the user understand the nitty gritty of such terms. Wish to master the concepts that made Warren Buffet a multi-billionaire? Then Investopedia is your best bet!

  • TED-Ed: This is a novel initiative of “Lessons worth sharing” is the motto of this initiative. My favorite show is the one that portrayed the life of Helen Keller. I still remember the documentary where Helen Keller said, “Keep your face in the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.” This website reveals the bitter truths of life and motivates us by delving into the details of highly successful people. There is little purpose in treating friends to tales of our former glory, howsoever true. In the last resort, we are judged by our current position in society, and if it is not as good as we should like it to be, there is no point in making excuses for it by describing the apocryphal days of our past. However, there is every purpose in learning from the great. To learn from the great, TED-Ed is your best bet.

  • CodeAcademy: If you are passionate about mastering the fundamentals of HTML, Java and CSS, inflate your senses of euphoria by registering in this website. After registering in the website, you can have complete access to free resources.

  • Instructables: Right from making a tennis ball launcher to a backyard fort, you can master the subtleties of everything. Through fun filled videos and user friendly instructions, you can understand the concepts of creating and making something productive from the unproductive stuff. In addition, you may submit your own idea and carve a niche for yourself.

  • lifehacker.co.in: An assortment of tips, bamboozling tricks and downloads for getting the things done are manifest in this website. You may dig deep into the details of Lifestyle, health, technology and productivity apps that make your life easier.

  • Factsie: Did you know that Windows, the widely used operating system stands for ‘Wide Interactive Network Devices for Office Work Solutions.’ Flummoxed? There are several such amazing facts in this website. It unleashes a truckload of ‘Did you know’ facts to earn laurels from its target audience.

  • MIT Open Courseware: The name of the website bespeaks its purpose and existence. It enjoys a cult status among engineering aspirants. You can learn from op notch professors. Check out their videos to master technical stuff.

  • Lumosity: Want to try your hands at some challenging and mind racking games? Visit this website to master concentration skills. In addition, this website contains personalized training programs that impart memory skills. ‘Paying attention to detail’ is another virtue that gets imparted.

Well, the list goes on. Perhaps, the list is a never ending one. Men tire themselves in the pursuit of knowledge. The quest for acquiring knowledge is so basic an impulsion in all of us. Quench your thirst for knowledge by frequently visiting these websites. These websites will help you realize your dreams and become the person you always wanted to be.



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