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10 healthy foods that can surprise you with their sideffects


You must be aware of the proverb that even the good things can harm you if you take them too much. It is okay if you are coming out of your habit of pizzas and cookies and are plunging into the healthy food section. But do you know that these healthy and nutritious food items can also be harmful to you if you consume them more than its average consumption? There are a number of such food items that cam create trouble for you if you consume them too much.


While this citrus fruit is very good for a number of things such as cold and also for weight loss, still it also has a number of side effects too. It has been noticed that over consumption of oranges can cause the problem of reflux. You may start getting complaints of heartburn and many others. The best thing you can do to avoid such side effects and enjoy the benefits of oranges is to consume just two servings of oranges per day. By having a limited amount of oranges per day can benefit you even if you have already the symptoms of the reflux.


Tomatoes are quite common in cooking all over the world. It is used in several cuisine kitchens for color and flavor. Also, tomatoes are used in salads or in other ways because of its huge nutritional value. Most importantly, it has a pigment known as lycopene that is helpful is keeping away many types of cancer away from the human body. But also this is true that excessive amount of tomato consumption can be very much harmful to the health. Excessive consumption of tomatoes leads to slowing down of the immune system in the body. Due to this reason the human body at times is not capable of protecting itself from various viral or fungal attacks.


Water is known to be the most important element in the human body because almost 70% of the body is covered with water. It has been always said that drinking water is good for the health. But also this is true that excessive amount of hydration can lead to a number of problems. If you intake more amount of water than necessary, then the sodium in your blood gets diluted, and it leads to lower level of sodium in your body. This can result in a number of issues such as an imbalance of the brain and also in many cases death.

Canned Tuna

Tuna is known to be a healthy low-calorie fish and is also easy in preparing the Canned Tuna. Hence, it is a used in the form of salad and also in sandwiches. But apart from being healthy, they are also harmful to your health if you consume them in excessive quantity. Tuna has a high amount of mercury in it, and excessive amount of tune consumption can lead the mercury level in your body to grow. A Higher level of mercury level in your body often leads to problems in vision, hearing, speech, coordination, muscles and others. 3-4 cans of Tuna per week is enough for a healthy person.


Tofu is known to be one of the best food items for controlling cholesterol levels in the body. Also, it is a healthy option that can be included in the diet for maintaining the blood pressure of your body. But these are only of tofu is consumed in proper quantity. Excessive consumption of tofu can lead to the problems like iron deficiency in the body that results in diseases like anemia.


It has been always known that this particular green and leafy vegetable is very important for the health and has to be an important part of the diet. It contains some of the most nutritional values such as the high amount of fiber, vitamins and protein that helps in keeping you fit and healthy. Also, it contains lutein that protects you from vision loss at old age. But it also contains oxalate that causes the formation of stones in the kidney. Thus, if you are adding more number of spinach in your diet on a regular basis, have checks whether you are having kidney related issues or not.

Lean animal protein

Lean animal protein like chicken and egg is a good source of protein. But the excess amount of this source can lead to problems like aging before your exact age and also will increase the chances of cancer in your body.


Almonds are such food items that are delicious in taste and are also high in various nutrients such as fiber and protein. This nutritional value of almonds can help you in lowering the level of cholesterol in your body. But it should not be forgotten that almonds are also rich in fat. It contains almost 80% fat or even more. Hence, if you over eat this delicious yet healthy nut, you also get the risk of gaining weight quite fast.

Green Tea

Green tea is mainly known as the product that helps you in rejuvenation in inner body. It helps you in cleaning your internal systems and thus keeps you away from a number of diseases. Also, it is very effective in fast weight loss process. But along with so many benefits that green tea offers, it also offers some side effects. If you are over consuming green tea that is more than 5 cups a day, then you will get complaints about getting sleepless nights. Also due to excessive consumption of green tea, your body is not able to absorb the right amount of iron from food.

Olive Oil

Many of the healthy eating families use olive oil for cooking in place of other oils. As per the nutritionists, olive oil has a number of good fats that helps you in staying healthy and keeping many diseases away. But again the excess amount of olive oil in your diet can also be  harmful. Olive oil in also rich in calories and hence it has to be used with proper measurement to avoid excess calories.



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